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Seoul: Ansan Cherry Blossoms


It’s raining as I write and I’m sure the cherry blossoms have all fallen by now.  I was glad to have had two opportunities to see the cherry blossoms this year, so here are some photos from Ansan in the Seo-dae-mun-gu area of Seoul.


I was blown away to see the valley completely covered in cherry blossoms! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many cherry blossom trees in one place before. I’m surprised the location isn’t very well-known. I will definitely be returning here next year!


Cherry blossoms just make me feel so happy! They make the world feel brighter and prettier and even when they fall it’s like snow only without the cold weather to go with it. People talk about getting back to nature for a healing experience, and I think cherry blossoms arrive just at the right time in the year to cheer you up after a long cold winter. I think they’re an instant mood-booster and have this sort of natural beauty that can’t be man-made.



There was a small event of sorts showcasing traditional Korean music called Sa-mul-nori. The men have ribbon streamers on their hats which are choreographed along with the music.


At the foot of the mountain there was a water wheel (called mool-leh-bahng-ah) and a stone path over the small river to the other side.


There were still a lot of dry patches along the mountain but you can see that entire middle section just full of cherry blossoms. It was a nice to look back and see the cherry blossoms nested in the valley.I think I might come back when everything is green as I’m sure it’ll look beautiful then as well. Does your area have any cherry blossom hot spots?

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