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September Favorites 2016


September was a very emotional month for me, so I’m a bit late on posting my September favorites. I didn’t want to skip it altogether because I think writing about your monthly favorites is a great way to look back on the month with gratitude.  It’s also a nice way to remember the good things when you’ve been going through a rough time. So let’s all raise a toast to good memories!

#1. Bracelets – I used to not be a bracelet person, because I found them to be uncomfortable when typing on the computer. For whatever reason, I’ve been really loving bracelets for the past few months and I was thrilled to find this bracelet with a whimsical little robot charm. I haven’t been a robot person either, but this little guy was just too cute to pass by!

#2. 10k medal – I keep mentioning the 10k I ran last month, and I need to get around writing a post about it. I love everything about this medal; what it represents, the font and design, and even the color of the ribbon. It was the greatest feeling finishing the race and getting this medal, and I promise I’ll write more about it in an upcoming post!

#3. Positive tattoo – I almost wish this tattoo was permanent! I got it during the 10k race, and it was actually supposed to read “I am positive energy,” but the letters for energy didn’t come off right so I ended up with “I am positive.” Still works for me! It was great having this reminder inked so boldly on my arm while I was getting through this month. So great in fact, that I think I’m going to print this photo out right now with my instax printer!

#4. Malaysian food – This was my first time trying Malaysian food and it was surprisingly similar in some regard to some Korean side dishes. It was a bit salty since everything was soy sauce based, but all in all it tasted pretty good! I tried it at a restaurant called May Heong in Yun-nam-dong which is a pretty neighborhood right next to Hongdae (which is a popular area to hang out in Seoul). Me and my friend stumbled across this place while we were looking for a Vietnamese Pho house, which happened to be closed. It got me sort of curious about foods from other countries that I’ve never tried before. I’ve had a lot of American, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, and Greek food, but the rest of the countries are sort of up for grabs! Any recommendations?

#5. Traveler’s Notebook – I’ve had my Traveler’s Notebook for about 5 months now and I love it to pieces! I’ve tried carrying mini notebooks, moleskins, and moleskin wannabes, but none of them really stuck for long. Of course, I do have many many notebooks that I have completely filled, but that’s the thing about other notebooks: once you fill it up you have to go get a new one. Although you still have to buy refill notebooks for the Traveler’s Notebook, it’s nice in that you can still keep all the bells and whistles. What I mean by that is that you’re not having to pay for the leather cover every time you get a new notebook like a moleskin, and you can have pockets and such like you would with a 3 ring binder. So yes, I’m absolutely smitten with my Traveler’s Notebook right now.

#6. Strawberry Margaritas – I’m not going to tell you how many margaritas I’ve had during September,  but cut me some slack. I had all sorts of woes and sorrows during September after all. Sometimes the only thing that will pick you up is a drink and a good friend to share it with. Side note though, some Korean bars will serve margaritas with sugar on the rim of the glass. I had to specifically ask for salt after I got a couple rimmed with sugar. Culture shock? Yes, indeed.

Your Turn ♥ What were your September favorites? Let me know in the comments below or link me to your favorites post if you have one!

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