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Switzerland: Interlaken Harder Kulm


Interlaken! Named for its position between two lakes, Interlaken made me want to prance around singing the Sound of Music with all the green crisp air and beautiful waters. After walking through the gritty Paris streets, Interlaken was a welcome change.




It was late afternoon when I arrived in Interlaken so I took the advice of the hotel receptionist and went up Harder Kulm. I was a bit dismayed to see the fog from the viewpoint, but it was still a bit of a thrill walking on the platform high above the ground and climbing up a blue cow. Looking down the window and seeing the supporting poles disappear into the fog just made it seem like there was an infinite drop beneath the platform. I don’t know which was scarier, the Harder Kulm platform or the rickety stairs of Saint Paul’s Cathedral!



With a stroke of luck, the fog started clearing away and I actually got a view of Interlaken! More fog rolled in after a while, but I was just happy that I got a glimpse of that beautiful view. There were actually some people who decided it was a hopeless case and left within five minutes. How long did it take for the fog to clear away? Just ten minutes!




It was the first time I took a funicular and I was a bit nervous. The idea of going up a steep slope by nothing but rails on the bottom was a little scary. This fear was fueled by the boys sitting in front of me, who were discussing what would happen if the brakes failed and we went crashing down the mountain. That did nothing for my fear of heights mind. It was a lot steeper than it looks in these photos, and I wish I’d have taken a photo of the funicular from outside.

Your turn ♥ What was the best stroke of luck you’ve had while traveling? Are you afraid of heights?

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  • Oh gosh, these photos take me waaaay back, haha. I’d definitely love to revisit Switzerland, especially as an adult. I love how foggy these photos look as well. Gosh, I actually like funiculars, but I probably would’ve groaned at those boys. I hate it when people say things like that when I’m doing some sort of “dangerous” thing x)

    Stephanie @ Sartorial Diner

    • Kim

      Hehe yes! I think I would have enjoyed the views better if they hadn’t been loudly discussing the best thing to do in the case that the breaks failed. One wondered if it would be best to flatten themselves on the floor, another said he would try to hang from a bar on the ceiling, and another proposed that the best thing to do would be to jump before impact. Sigh :P

  • Wow! Those are awesome views! I’m glad you held out for the fog to blow off. When are you going to have this “high over Interlaken” opportunity again??

    • Kim

      Exactly! I always have the feeling that I’m never going to get to go to the same place again, as there are so many other places that I’ve yet to have seen! Of course, there is also the fact that everything in Interlaken is so very expensive. Le sigh :P

  • Love these pictures, Switzerland is such an amazingly beautiful country! I was there this summer and rode something very similar to what you did and people said the same thing about the brakes! Haha, I was like umm how about we not think about that :)

    • Kim

      Definitely, I was hoping to God that there were a set of emergency breaks that would kick in if the normal ones failed :P

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