There were five things Kim distinctly remembered about her childhood. The soft grass in which she rolled around and hunted for leprechauns and lucky clovers, the garden in which she planted her very own tomato plant which she later harvested with much delight, the bike on which she raced around with the other children, the library full of adventures and stories,  and the great winter when it snowed up to her parent’s shoulders.


Born and partially bred in the US, her adopted-native language is English. Having moved to Korea before entering 6th grade, she soon learned to adapt and survive there. Due to her bachelor’s in Seattle and her current work towards a Masters in Seoul, she is fully bilingual in both English and Korean. She switches naturally between the two languages at the drop of a hat, but at a price; upkeep is always necessary to retain two sets of languages at native fluency.


As a child she eagerly waited for the day to collect her prints from the supermarket photo center, and taped them to the back of her door. She was blessed to have been born during the romantic analogue years of photography, but also to have experienced the radical change to digital photography first hand. Through her lens, she captures her experiences and memories to imbue them with a certain immortality. While she falters in the face of technicality, she continues to experiment and learn through trial and error.


In the past, she regarded travel as something to look forward to in the future. She now believes travel to be a way of life. Life is largely unpredictable and home today may be timezones away tomorrow. As the traveler always envies the local that may explore at leisure, she strives to appreciate her local surroundings when she is not traveling abroad.

-5. DOG-

After a two hour drive north of Seattle, she pulled up to Rose Street and found herself surrounded by a litter of overexcited puppies. There was no turning back. Little did she know that she was signing up for a lifetime of scooping No. 2. Nevertheless, she adores her furry pup and spoils him to no end.