Amazon Affiliates Links: I personally use Amazon to buy ebooks & audiobooks and shopped on Amazon regularly while I was living in Seattle. So I decided to add Amazon Affiliate Links as I actually trust Amazon when it comes to shopping. Apparently I get something like a 4% commission, so if you buy a $10 book I will get 40 cents. So just about how much I would get tipped when I was scooping ice-cream as a part-time job back in college (I promise that I put a lot more time and effort into writing my reviews than I did when I was scooping ice-cream!). I don’t imagine this would affect the way I write my reviews, because I am not being sponsored to write any of my reviews. I’ve been writing reviews for years now, and if you’ve been around for a while you know that I do actually point out (and sometimes rant about) things that bother me about the product/book/movie. Besides, I’m not going to write a favorable review of a bad product for the sake of earning 40 cents (I’m a practical sort of girl you know). I’m actually not too sure if using Amazon Affiliates will be worth it, but we’ll try it as an experiment. All the shiny dimes I save up will be put towards the hosting fee of my blog!