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2017 May Favorites

May was a month of both fun and torture: fun because I got to try some new craft projects, and torture because I took a statistics course. I’ve decided that me and statistics will never be compatible in any shape or form. I hope to God that I’ll never have to take a statistics course ever again.

#1. Ceramic Bracelet – These colorful bracelets caught my eye at the Seoul Handmade fair at the Coex mall, and I felt like a little kid while I was picking them out. I haven’t seen these beads in Korea before, but the bold colors and large size beads felt perfect for the summer months.

#2. DIY Charm Pin – I while back I bought a charm pin from a local artist, and decided to try making one myself. After browsing through thousands of charms at the crafts market in Seoul, I made a handful of charm pins. This one was my absolute favorite because of the color theme and the special meanings behind each charm. The owner of the charm shop thought it was a brilliant idea to add a touch of brown to the white & gold color theme with the chocolate donut, and asked if I was a design major. He was floored when I told him that although I had studied art, my reasons behind adding the donut had nothing to do with aesthetic and everything to do with my bf.

#3. Floral Bomber Jacket – To be honest, I was never a big fan of the bomber jacket, but when I saw this floral one at Zara I decided to give it a try. My close friends were surprised by the choice, because it was different from anything I had worn before. I actually really like this jacket because it adds some color to my wardrobe and pairs perfectly with a black tank top and black skinny jeans.

#4. Green Tea King O Fredo – King of green tea frappuccinos, the King O Fredo by Osulloc is topped with green tea ice cream, green tea cake, red beans, and a ginger snap. If you decide to venture into Myungdong, Seoul and don’t feel like picking up dessert from one of the street vendors, this is the perfect alternative. Skip coffee and head to the Osulloc tea house and try this treat out!

#5. Eco Bag – This is the closest I’ve gotten to a fake designer bag, and to be honest I really like it. You don’t find that many eco bags made out of black denim, and I thought it was cute with the bow and all. I added the pin I made for a personal touch and have been carrying it around with me everywhere.

#6. Alphabet Stamps – Here’s another DIY project that I did during the month of May. Call me crazy but I stamped each letter on this notebook with an alphabet stamp set. The lyrics are from a song by The Chainsmokers called Something Just Like This. This project was entirely possible because I was procrastinating before midterms. Is it just me or do the most mundane tasks become all too fascinating right before midterms week?

Your Turn ♥ What is your favorite summer treat? Have you ever tried making your own accessories before?

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