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2017 April Favorites

April is usually one of my favorite months because it’s when Spring is in the air and I’m not freezing to the bone anymore. I had so many things going on April that it was really hard to pick favorites. In the end, I let the photos choose for me.

#1. Denim Jacket – To be honest, I’d never really had good relationships with denim jackets in the past. They weren’t always comfortable and it was hard to match with anything as a kid because I wore jeans all the time. So it wasn’t until I got some skirts in my wardrobe that I decided I wanted a denim jacket. Even then it took me the longest time to actually buy a denim jacket, years in fact. I finally found this one at an outlet and instantly fell in love with it. The lettering on the back, the word “trust” and all it stands for, and the oversized look was just too good to believe. I hope I will never ever have to part with it!

#2. Bella’s Garden – My friend introduced me to this brunch cafe, and I’m still itching to go back to it. The food and decor were just so beautiful that I never wanted to leave. I’m so glad this place is far from home because I would go far too often if it were close by. I need to go back with my camera one of these days and do a separate posting, just for this beautiful brunch cafe.

#3. Cherry Blossoms – Without fail, cherry blossoms always make me so happy in April. They only stay for a week or two, but while they’re here they make the whole world seem like a pretty place. In the past years I’ve always liked to go to places that were well known for their cherry blossoms, but this year they seemed to be prettier in my own neighborhood! Maybe the secret was in the combination of beauty and whimsical playfulness of the local playground.

#4. Coldplay Concert T-shirt – Technically, I wasn’t invited to the Coldplay concert. The tickets sold out mere minutes after they went on sale. Call it fate though, because I happened to be in the area when the concert was going on because my friend lived in that neighborhood. Because of the shape of the stadium, we were able to peek into the concert and share the fun! The music was blaring so I got to hear Coldplay perform, even if it was from outside the stadium. To celebrate my luck, I decided to get a concert t-shirt anyway. I loved how colorful it was and I was thrilled to be able to get my hands on a concert t-shirt of one of my favorite bands.

#5. Thai Food – Whenever I go to eat Thai food I’m always torn between pad thai and green curry. I know, my choices are about as vanilla as they get when it comes to Thai food, but can you blame me? It’s when I have Thai with friends that I find myself branching out to try new things. Partly because when you’re in a group you can share several dishes and split the costs, partly because it’s “safer” to try new things when there’s other dishes to eat in the case that something turns out to be really disappointing. This time around I was at My Thai in Itaewon (central Seoul) and tried Goong Tod Katium. Stir fried spicy shrimp and garlic, this dish was probably one of the favorite dishes I had there.

#6.  Versals Workshop – During April, I was super excited to attend the Versals workshop held by Olive Bull. Olive Bull is a calligrapher based in Australia and taught my own Italics teacher Gyounghee Lee. They both visited Korea to hold a Versals workshop in Seoul and I felt so lucky to attend! Versals is a type of calligraphy where you write the outline of the capital alphabet and later fill in the center. This was my first time trying it and it was a lot of fun practicing the letters with so many other calligraphy enthusiasts that  had come to the workshop. I think it’s always nice to meet friends who are just as interested and excited about the same hobbies, since you can inspire each other and help each other out.

Your Turn ♥ Do you have friends or hobby groups that share your hobbies?

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