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Vogue like a Painting

Lily Cole on a Spiral Staircase, Whadwan, Gujarat, India, 2005 by Tim Walker

I spotted this photo hanging over my friend Winnie’s desk at Diamond Canopy , and got really excited because I actually recognized it from the Vogue: Like a Painting exhibit that was in Seoul this past autumn! It’s hard not to fall in love with this gorgeous photo with the long graceful train  and the stunning details of the stairwell that look like lace. I love how Tim Walker created this contrast between the aging interior and the youthful model yet it all meshes together beautifully through the colors. It was one of my favorite pieces from the collection!

Left: Kirsten, London, 1988 by Paolo Roversi
Right: Sunniva Stordahl with Blue Campanulas, Eglingham Hall, Northumberland, 2008 by Tim Walker

Detail shot of Misia, 2013 by Giampaolo Sgura

Detail shot of Karlie Kloss, Austria, 2013 by Mario Testino

Detail shot of Swept Away, 2011 by Patrick Demarchelier

Most if not all of the photographs were inspired by prior artworks and portrait paintings, and it was interesting to see how the photographers interpreted the works in their own way. Sometimes it was similar to the original, and sometimes the photographs brought an entire new mood. I loved both the settings and the clothing that were in the photos and how creative the pieces were in bringing all the elements together!

I was also actually really surprised that the Seoul Arts Center allowed photography within the exhibit. Usually they don’t permit photos, so I was really glad I was able to take some close up shots of my favorite ones! I was especially happy that I got to take photos because the gift shop didn’t have the post cards for some of the photos I liked because they were out.

Your Turn ♥ Have you been to any exhibits lately? What have you been excited about in the new year?

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