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Curate Your Life: Desk Drawer

Once the leftmost corner of my desk became clean, I decided I wanted a clean drawer in that “clean corner” too! So I completely emptied out that drawer and wiped out the dust.

I started by placing my two staplers inside the drawer, then added refills in the back. One stapler is a mini-size that I can take on-the-go, and the other is a standard sized stapler that can be used for larger stacks of paper. Then I added a glue stick but the cylindrical shape caused it to roll around. I rummaged through my room and found a box lid that held the glue stick, a box of mini staple refills, and my pencil sharpener- which I had emptied out in the spirit of cleaning. Everything fit nice and snug and I was happy that I had found a solution to having random bits and bobs rolling around in my drawer.

The next thing I added was this hole punch and this compass, but I had mixed feelings about both. I rarely use them but I don’t want to get rid of them, because on that rare occasion I do need them I want them on hand. Minimalists say that you could always borrow what you need from someone else, but I’m not a minimalist and I don’t know that anyone around me keeps a hole punch. Besides, the last thing I want to bother people about is something as trivial as a hole punch. It would probably be easier to run out and buy another hole punch than to wait weeks on end for a friend to remember to bring a hole punch, and if I went and bought a new one then haven’t I just increased my footprint for the sake of a hole punch?!

Tape is always handy to have on hand, and in my case, double-sided tape has proven useful too! I recently learned about this doubled sided tape dispenser that works the same way as white-out tape and I actually like it a lot. Once I finish up the one by Scotch tape, I’ll throw it out and just keep the “tape glue.”

So this is my finished office supply drawer! As you can see I’ve snuck some paperclips, and magnetic tape in the back there as well. I hardly ever use paperclips because I don’t like the way they crease the paper, but while I’m in school I do need the odd paperclip every now and then. The magnetic tape is for a paint palette project that I’ll share with you in the future, so it’ll stay in that drawer until I’ve finished it.

Your Turn ♥ What do you keep in your drawer of office supplies?

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