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Curate Your Life: Desk

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my thoughts on minimalism and how I’d like to strike a balance between the extremes by curating my life! Since I am in the process of decluttering and curating my life, I thought I would share my journey here on the blog. It will push me to actually do the work to declutter my room, and also consider my space visually as well.

I decided to start with my desk, since it’s where I spend the majority of my time. The first thing I decided to do was to take everything off my desk, so I moved everything to the floor. Basically I cleared off stacks of books and papers from school and piled them up in a corner of my room.

To the left of my monitor I have my succulent terrarium. The glass had accumulated some fingerprints and dust so I used a wet wipe to quickly clean it up. It only took a couple minutes to clean, but I got the emotional satisfaction akin to getting a car wash. I decided to put it on a small coaster add some warmth and to protect the white surface of my desk.

In the space between the terrarium and my monitor, I keep a glass of water. It’s close enough to where I’ll remember to keep hydrated, but far enough from my keyboard to where I won’t accidentally knock it over.

When I’m not using my coasters, I keep them in the small indent of my monitor. I used to have a random assortment of paper clips, post-its, and rubber bands here, but I cleared it all off.

When using post-its, my desk looked cluttered with information scattered everywhere. Now I use a desk planner and all my notes are in one spot. I also think it looks a lot nicer than when I had a bunch of post-its stuck all over my monitor.

I recently changed to a wireless keyboard and mouse setup, and I actually really like it. The reason it took me so long to switch over was because I hated the idea of running out of battery, but now I figure that if I keep a spare set of batteries, I should be ok.

As you can see, the other end of my desk is a bit messy right now. I still haven’t figured out the best way to deal with my art supplies. This is the problem with having arts and crafts as a hobby; you accumulate a different set of supplies for each project you work on. If you keep them boxed up you forget about them altogether, and if you have them on display they take up so much space.

Your Turn ♥ When’s the last time you cleaned out your desk? How do you keep your stuff organized?

P.S. My friend Becky over at Star Violet recently did a desk post too! Make sure to head over to her site for some desk inspiration! 

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  • Ha, there’s been a few times where I had my water/milk tea too close to my keyboard and knocked it all over… Now I’m smart enough to put it in a place where I know is away from my hands and elbows, lol.

    You reminded me I have a desk planner I have to use, haha. I usually keep all my plans and things in my bullet journal, but it’s always nice to be able to see them, too.

    I totally get you on the art supplies! I used to be very creative and my desk was always cluttered with paints and paper and whatnot. Then it used to be makeup, and now I have it all (mostly) under control with a drawer unit that houses most of my makeup. Everything has a place, but it’s out of sight so it gives the appearance of a less cluttered space! :D Everything has its own place too – my drawer unit has those little plastic boxes that are meant for drawers so cleaning up takes like, a minute.

    Becky @ star violet

    • Kim

      Same here, I’ve knocked down my fair share of drinks :P I bounce back and forth between the bullet journal and the desk planner. I think I still haven’t found the right “system” for the bullet journal. Mainly because I can’t be bothered to rewrite tasks I haven’t done. Maybe I’ll just try a running list without having a separate one for each day? I’m still playing around with it.

      I recently cleaned out my make up drawers and threw out a lot of lip colors that have probably “expired.” It was sad seeing them all in the bin, but it was also kind of nice to have more space! Ooh I should get some drawer boxes to sort out my art supplies! That’s a great idea! Right now my drawers don’t have any dividers so everything just sort of sits in a heap.

  • I need to declutter my desk at home. I never use it anymore because I have too many stacks of paper and bags on top of my desk. Maybe I just need a bigger desk, haha.

    I do the same thing with my water at work. I also have it close enough to remind me to drink it while trying to avoid spillage.

    I also switched to a glass refillable bottle instead of plastic cup because of you!

    • Kim

      Paper is my nemesis! It always feels like I have stacks and stacks of paper piling up on my desk. Oooh, how are you liking your glass bottle? :D I’ve been trying to be more conscious about all the plastic objects in my life, especially when it comes to food & containers. I never used to think about it, but now I’ve come to realize just how much plastic we use on a daily basis!

      • I really like using glass bottle at work. And I feel good not throwing so many plastic cups.
        I want to start bringing glass containers for my lunch food but its so heavy :(

        • Kim

          I like keeping food in glass containers too, but I agree that it’s a bit heavy for taking on-the-go. I commute by bus & subway so it’s not easy for me to add more weight to my bags. Have you considered stainless steel lunchboxes?

  • It’s great that you’re trying to declutter things around your room/desk. Your desk planner looks super neat! Yesss, I bought a wireless keyboard recently and it’s great not having to deal with tires! Hope you’ll find time to clear out the other end of your desk! Haha, now that you mentioned it, I am totally clearing out my desk now!


    • Kim

      Thanks Nancy! I picked this desk planner because it looked like an editorial calendar ;) I really do need to organize the other end of my desk, but it’s been all rainy and gloomy for the past few days. Cleaning always feels easier when it’s bright and chirpy outside! I feel like desk cleaning is going around the blogosphere these days; you should definitely join in! :D

  • I love that Monthly times notepad, noticed it in a bookstore recently – I’m so tempted to buy one now that I’ve seen it in action! I tend to work with quite a minimal desk, but it’s definitely easy to clutter up the space.

    • Kim

      I’ve really been liking the desk calendar, even though I tend to use my iphone calendar on the go. It’s just so nice to see the whole month at a glance without having to go through each date to check what I have scheduled :P