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Hand Creams: Innisfree vs. L’occitane

silentlyfree-beauty-kbeauty-innisfree-loccitane-hand-cream-1-2 They say that once your hands start to wrinkle, there’s no turning back. So I’ve been giving a little more consideration to my hands these days, especially with the cold winds chapping them up! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the L’occitane hand cream compared to the Innisfree hand cream. I picked up the L’occitane hand cream last year in April when I was still excited over the cherry blossoms in Korea. I rarely used it during the summer as the monsoon season makes it unbearably humid, but I started using it again towards the end of fall. One day, I was out and about and had forgotten to bring the L’occitane hand cream and picked up a much cheaper one from Innisfree.

silentlyfree-beauty-kbeauty-innisfree-loccitane-hand-cream-2-2The L’occitane is on the left and it has a slightly milkier feeling, whereas the Innisfree is slightly creamier. After having used half of both tube, I must say that I don’t really see the difference between the two. I think it’s safe to say that I won’t re-purchasing the L’occitane as the Innisfree is much more affordable! On second thought, perhaps I won’t repurchase either and find something that lasts even longer. I have tried the Neutrogena hand cream before, but I wasn’t particularly fond of the scent. So the hunt continues!

Your turn ♥ Do you have any hand cream recommendations for me?

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  • “They say that once your hands start to wrinkle, there’s no turning back.” Excuse me while I go put two pounds of hand cream on, just to be safe! Haha. I have a few hand creams laying around that I really need to start using more consistently, especially in the winter. I’m loving the packaging of these two here!

    • Kim

      Hehe yes, these days I’ve been trying to keep my hands and lips moisturized as much as I can! So I keep my hand cream right next to my lip treatment ;)

  • I used to never bother with hand creams, but as I got older accumulate more and more tubes…next thing you know there’s probably about five or six lying around my room, haha. I personally use L’occitane, but it’s only because I keep getting tubes of it as gifts and samples x)

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

    • Kim

      Oooh you could keep one in every bag and never be without! ;)

  • thatsme enti

    I never really used handcreams until my friend one day pointed out how wrinkly my hands looked when we compared them for fun. Maybe it’s just genetics that they don’t look super smooth haha but I started caring more about my hands :p L’occitane’s handcreams are somehow a bit drying, I think that other creams are better, also with the pricing. Innisfree is really good, but where I live we don’t have innisfree, so I always have to get their stuff when I go to Asia.

    • Kim

      Aww :/ I feel like that would have stung, but then I think it’s through experiences like that we start to invest more time and interest and later become the inspiration or helpful mentor to others ;)

  • I love hand creams and i must say that i love scented ones and something that easily absorb by the skin.
    Great comparison.


    • Kim

      It’s so much fun to choose from all the different scents too! ;)

  • I’ve heard so much good stuff about L’Occitane hand cream, although I’m yet to try it myself. The Body Shop’s hemp handcream is my saving grace- it’s so moisturizing and not greasy at all

    Rachel xx

    • Kim

      Ooh I haven’t tried the Body Shop’s handcreams before, but their lotions and bodycreams always smell delish!

  • Most of my hand creams are from innisfree currently, haha, as i love the packaging! I think though it’s creamier but it’s good enough for the Asian weather, not sure if it suits the dry weather in NA or EU.
    I put handcreams every time I am done with water, I am super afraid of wrinkles :P
    Prevention better when it really hits in life….ahhhh