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Favorite Snow Memories


Growing up in Utah (I’m not Mormon), snow was always a given. It always snowed up to our knees and there was even a winter where it snowed up to my mother’s shoulders. I distinctly remember watching her digging a path through the snow creating walls that loomed over me. I was only in 4th grade or so that winter so seeing the snow piled up twice my height was pretty exciting. It’s not every day you get to run around in a maze made of snow! With all that plentiful snow, my parents used to take me and my brother to a nearby hill to go sledding. It was a giant of a hill so it was quite exhilarating to shoot down the slope. My dad would keep the sled steady while I climbed on the top before sitting down on the back of the sled. Then we’d use are legs to clamber to the edge of the hill before propelling down the hill.


We’d sled for as long as we had the energy to climb back up the hillside, and when we got home we’d have a bath to thaw are legs and toes and a mug full of hot chocolate and marshmellows. As I watched the kids in my neighborhood sledding down the side of a bridge, I was tempted to go buy a plastic sled of my own. Sledding is like a lost art of happiness for adults; a real shame don’t you think?

Your turn ♥ What’s your favorite snow memory? Did you go sledding when you were a kid?

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  • That slope looks like heaps of fun! My fav snow memory is when we made a snow man for the first time outside the house. We were raised by an overly protective grandmother who never let us out to play. But this one time we did and we had loads of fun playing in the snow! Nothing beats the first time you play in the snow, it was magical!
    Sadly, we’re not getting a lot of snow here in the Netherlands these days. The last time was years ago! :(

    • Kim

      Ouch, and here I thought my mom was overprotective. Sounds like you had it worse! Glad you did get a chance to go romp around in the snow though :D

  • Thank you for sharing your memory with us! I feel like I know you just a little bit more, hehe. I used to go sledding sometimes as a kid, but I was (and still am) scared of everything – like, what if I hit a tree, or if the sled spiraled out of control? So because of that, I always rode on the back of the sled with another person or I would only go on the flatter slopes :P

    becky ♡ star violet

    • Kim

      I feel like that when I go snowboarding lol. I think with sledding I’m less afraid because I’m closer to the ground so I won’t necessarily fall. I think I did worry about hitting trees though and only picked out slopes where the coast was clear ;) What was your favorite snack during the winter? I used to love getting churros with some hot chocolate on the side lol

  • Awwww where you grew up looks like the inside of a snow globe- it’s magical! i used to sled too on a slope near my house. Haha thawing legs in the bath sounds like a familiar memory too! I’d always end up with chill blains

    Rachel xx

    • Kim

      Ahh sorry I wasn’t very clear about it but these photos are from the current neighborhood I live in ;) But yes!! It was very magical with the snow covered evergreens. I remember reading a novel called Juniper that had a character that got chill blains, but never really understood what it meant. Is it when your legs and feet get painfully cold that they turn red and numb?

  • This looks so much fun! I don’t think I’ve ever been on a sled before but I did used to roll around giant balls of snow to make snowmen and my fingers and toes would be absolutely freezing. It’s so much fun being a kid!

    • Kim

      It really was a lot of fun being a kid! What did you use to decorate your snowmen? I remember using carrots for noses and pinecones for buttons hehe

  • I love how you have such sweet memories with the snow. It’s interesting how certain things can bring about these different types of feelings. And I love the photos. Everything about this post really put such a huge smile on my face! My favorite memory would be seeing snow for the first time! Growing up in California I never saw snow, so when we went to Hokkaido for a winter vacation, I was totally floored. Freaking out. The whole nine yards, haha.

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

    • Kim

      Oh noooo I’ve always wanted to live in Cali for it’s awesome weather, but I’m having second thoughts now lol. It must have been crazy seeing snow for the first time after not having seen it as a kid!