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Life Journal: Taking Inventory


The end of the year is approaching so I thought it would be the perfect time to take an inventory of my life. There’s a few reasons why I want to do this and the main reason is to really dig into my life to see what I want from life over the next few years. Sometimes when you’re set in a routine, it’s easy to just stay there without moving forward. So the idea is to find the parts of my life that are in need of some inspiration and growth, so that I can make the most of the last year of my 20s and start my 30s with a bang!

Some of the questions felt pretty straight forward at first. For example, there was a question on what essentials I couldn’t live without. I started with my iphone, camera, computer, external hard drive, and then took a pause to think. It’s easy to write down things I like or want, but when you have to write a list of essentials you start to really think about whether you really need it or not. Or the question about new hobbies that I want. For a while I thought about new hobbies that I could do but then I asked myself, when’s the last time I started a new hobby? So this month, I’m going to be spending some time thinking about the state of my life and thinking about the new adventures I’ll have in 2016.

Your turn ♥ Tell me something new you want to try in 2016! It can be a new place to explore or a new look you want to try on. Or maybe even a new type of food you want to try!

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  • Being just comfortable is so true – and that’s why I think it’s so important to do something new, maybe every day isn’t realistic, but at least every once in a while. I can’t even tell you’re 29?? You look younger than I do, I thought you were like, 18 hahaha. It might be a little sad to list technology in things you can’t live without, but it’s true in this day and age! I dropped my phone in the toilet once and I went a couple days without one and it was actually pretty difficult! I use it as my alarm, as a way to keep in touch with friends, as my planner, for noting things I need to remember at the moment… it’s become a part of my daily routine, and not just for entertainment purposes.

    For me, I want to look into different hobbies (something athletic, maybe archery or hip hop dancing), and be more consistent in what I’m not (gym, blogging, Instagram, keeping my room clean). I still consider those things to be something new – even though they are things I’m already doing, I’m not doing them often enough so I guess it’s a new thing to be consistent!

    becky ♡ star violet

    • Kim

      Oh God yes I don’t think I could survive without my phone! I set alarms for everything these days because I have to remember sooo many things. Dropping your phone in the toilet must have been a nightmare. I’ve dropped mine in the sink in the past and I was able to salvage it by using silica gel. Silica gel rocks! Rice is useless lol.

      Archery sounds pretty kickass, although I don’t know how I would fare with aiming things because I can’t even shoot darts to save my life lol. I need to work on being consistent too. When you wondered on twitter about where you could have been had you been consistent with drawing it totally resonated with me. Sometimes it’s not so much about how good you were when you started out with, but how much you keep at it. #truth

  • Such an inspiring post Kim! love it:)
    For 2016, I would love to start learning French again, I use to know how but stopped for quite a while, it would be great to grasp that language back again! oh, and i really want to visit NYC, doesn’t matter if its for leisure or work, I so wanna see the city again!

    • Kim

      I’d like to try French but I was a little intimidated by how all the words sort of flow together lol. When I tried listening to a sentence I couldn’t figure out where one word ended and the next word began :P NYC was awesome when I visited nearly 10 years ago and I’d loooove to visit again. I lost all my photos from when I was there, so it’d be nice to go make new memories and spend more time appreciating all the architectural and cultural elements (and of course the shopping ha!).

  • This is such a great post! I love the idea of listing out your essentials…it does make you rethink what you really need as opposed to just wanting!


    • Kim

      Yes and I found myself to be quite surprised at times when I realized there were things that I actually needed that I was overlooking. So I found the listing to be very helpful :D

  • This is so inspiring Kim :) I think it;s great to take some time out and really think about what we want from life and this journal gives us the perfect basis to plan too! Next year, I would like to really invest in starting my own business and try and take a lot of risks!

    Rachel xx

    • Kim

      That sounds awesome Rachel! Will you be launching your business from your blog? Or will this be separate?

  • Inspiring Kim!

    I want to experiment more with the camera; that is my one goal for next year! :D


    • Kim

      You and me both then Igrien :D Loving the photos on your blog by the way! The colors are striking :)

  • I think it’s such a good idea to really evaluate your essentials, along with where you are in life and where you hope to be and what you hope to do. Life gets so busy, I usually don’t take the time to stop and just reallllyy think about those things, so this is extra inspiration to do that!

    • Kim

      Exactly. It’s so easy to get caught up in the routine. Lately I’ve been finding that inspiration sources like Instagram or Pinterest have even become routine to some degree so I need a way to funnel it into my life and projects.