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Giardia parasite

Poor little Kip has a parasite in his intestines.  I originally went in suspecting Giardia but they wanted to make sure he didn’t have other types of parasites so they did a Intestinal Parasite Fecal Exam.  I asked if that didn’t include the Giardia but they said they rarely catch Giardia through the Intestinal Parasite Fecal Exam and would have to do a Giardia Test.  Well, my question is, if I didn’t go in suspecting Giardia, wouldn’t that mean they wouldn’t have found out through the fecal exam and have told me that he was parasite free?

In any case, I found out two additional things about Kip’s health besides the Giardia. One was that they didn’t discover any bacteria through the fecal exam.  This included probiotics.  I was going to turn their probiotic proscription but they said it was specially tailored for dogs and proven to be effective.  I got it and found that it was made by Purina.  I’m at lost of words.  Given that their dog kibble has so much fluff, I don’t really trust Purina.  I’ll have to look into the Purina probiotic FortiFlora later on, but I have a suspicion that there will be a more natural trustworthy source for probiotics.  I know a lot of people use yogurt so I may look into that option as well.

I was also subscribed an antibiotic that he has to take twice a day. They recommended the Greenies Pill Pockets but after reading about how Greenies Dental Treats are not digestible and have threatened the lives of many dogs, I don’t trust Greenies much either. I just squashed the small pill between two of his soft treats. I think it helped that I gave it to him towards the end of his meal. I bought a Wellness can of Lamb and Beef stew and mixed some into his kibble because he hasn’t been eating it otherwise.

I’m ready to start doing more research on holistic methods. It’s not that I don’t think that current science/medication is all wrong. But I really want to get away from vets that are selling me products and taking advantage of my sick furbaby. I’m also tired of vet/nurses that explain their products as if it’s entirely necessary and not negotiable.



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  • Why did you suspect he has giardia? Does kip takes any heartworm prevention? Poor thing, is he getting better after he seen the vet? Is he drinking water? I think we bought freshpet vital to entice TOto to eat the last time he has that barffing episode. We added them to some white rice.


    We used to feed TOto with greek yoghurt but we find that Nancy COttage cheese works better as he has firmer poop with Nancy Cottage cheese.

    Hopes he recover fast, so sad to see kip all curl up! Just remind me of TOto when he is sick. Xoxo ~

    • Kim

      There has been a person that hasn’t been picking up after their dog in our apartment area and it’s been annoying me and my neighbors (who have dogs) for a while now. One of my neighbors dog just got diagnosed with giardia recently and the symptoms were the same. There was also (quite the coincidence) an article on the Bark magazine that you can read here: http://www.thebark.com/content/trouble-puddles

      Thanks for the tip and all the encouragement! It means a lot to me.

      • Luckily you pick up the exact parasite! I wouldn’t have tot of Ghiardia!

        How is kip doing, is he better already?

        • Kim

          We went to the vet today but got perscribed another week’s worth of antibiotics:(

  • Caryl, Shadow & Trooper

    I’m so sorry to hear little Kip has Giardia. I know my vet always warns me about it when we head up to Oregon/Washington like we did last fall. It’s also the reason she is not fond of dog parks. I’ve never taken mine to any of the local dog parks, but of course, they check out all the poop on our morning walks. Maybe since it’s so dry here, the parasite can’t survive for long. I hope Kip recovers quickly.
    I’ve been feeding Innova Adult Dry Large Bites for a couple of years now and they love it. But then, I have yet to see them turn up their nose at any food. It contains fruits and veges as well as probiotics. I feed the large bites because the small bites were really small and they seem to at least chew occasionally with the large.
    When I was watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this year, one of their sponsors was Purina. They kept saying that most, if not all of the show dogs were fed Purina Pro Plan. It isn’t rated highly by the Dog Food Analysis website. BTW you can see a video the Aussie breed judging from Westminster on their website.

    • Kim

      I only just found out that it’s common in this area. All this while I had never even heard a peep about it until Kip got it.

      I saw the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show when they held it this year and my eyes were glued when they were showing the Aussies. I was excited when the Australian Terrier was among the second to last finalist group! A shame that a dog that looked more like a mop won over our dashing Aussies:(

  • have you tried dog food that has probiotics? that was one of the things that i liked about yuki’s and rocket’s kibble-it has probiotics in it.

    • Kim

      I took your advice and found a salmon based kibble that has probiotics and prebiotics by NutriSource. The vet tells me to hold off of changing his diet until he completely recovers but I’m excited to know that there is kibble that already had probiotics in it! Thanks for the tip!