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Sick little Kip

Australian Terrier

Australian Terrier

Wow it’s been a long week!  Work has been dreary due to the weather and because Kip has been sick. It’s always difficult when your dog starts throwing up and won’t touch kibble. I have reasons to suspect that Kip has a parasite in his tummy and this is so not ideal! We will find out Tomorrow for sure at the Vet. I have been considering two things regarding vets. First, I’ve been considering a holistic vet, but it’s currently on the back-burner after reading a post by SkepVet. I still want to look further into holistic care because I don’t like the fact that some non-holistic vets will promote products they’re sponsored by, regardless of whether or not they will be harmful to the pet.  In fact, the first time I learned that dog’s need flea prevention my vet just gave me a liquid applier without even telling me what brand it was and that there were edible options. Kip later had a reaction to that same brand and I lost all trust in that particular vet. There were numerous negative reviews online about the First Shield flea prevention. I was angry because the next time I had gone looking for a flea preventative I had asked for a brand that people recommended online and the lady at the front desk pulled out a chart showing that the First Shield was more effective. She was telling me how superior it was to all the other brands and the things it covered that other brands didn’t.  I hit myself for not sticking with my online reasearch, ugh.

The second thing I’ve been looking into is pet insurance.  I’m hesitant because I’m on a tight budget but I know how it feels when the vet tells you your dog needs something you just can’t afford.  I don’t ever want to be in a situation where my dog could live if I could afford a treatment but would die if I couldn’t. On the other hand, I don’t think I could afford to go into massive debt for treatment.

Sigh, Kip has already burnt several holes in my pocket.  In fact, I spent all of my “allowance” on Kip instead of myself.  I’m probably going to go bankrupt if I have kids because I’ll just want to spoil them to death.  I need to set a goal of not setting foot in a pet store for a month or so.


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