3 In Dog

My dog is a Ninja!

Today I learned that my dog is a ninja. Look at this funny dog!


Superman pose?

He punched that poor corgi in the eye. I feel so bad! That corgi was so nice too, haha.

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  • Caryl, Shadow & Trooper

    I’m glad to see he’s feeling better, Kim! He’s so funny.

    • Kim

      The vet gave him another week’s worth of antibiotics because he still won’t eat his kibble:(

      He’s still overflowing with energy so he doesn’t seem to be lethargic at all. He doesn’t appear to be sick but he just hasn’t been eating well for a whole week and turned his nose up at his Kibble today too. I don’t feel comfortable giving Kip so much antibiotic medication because one of the potential side effects was brain damage…

  • Woah he is up and running and flying about too!
    TOto loves to play with corgi too, haha maybe corgi are too clumsy and they knows that ‘playing’ with corgi means ‘sure win’! hahaha … Kip is definitely very acrobatic, hahaha ~