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Kip vs. Dishwasher



Has your dog ever reacted to their reflection?  Whether it be in a mirror or in the window, or any shiny surface in general?  I’m not 100% certain that Kip was reacting to his reflection, but last night he was growling and giving warning barks in a low tone towards the dishwasher.  It wasn’t loud enough to disturb the neighbors, so I stood by in amusement and recorded him.  We just moved into this apartment this past weekend so we didn’t get to join in on all the Halloween fun, but we’ve been having fun exploring our new “territory.”



It might have been the sound of the dishwasher, but the dishwasher wasn’t running when this happened.  I did however use the dishwasher earlier in the day, so perhaps he made a connection?  Kip was also startled in the middle of the night when the fridge started humming and ran out of the bed to investigate.  He also gave a pretty loud bark so I had to shush him so he wouldn’t disturb the neighbors every time the fridge goes off.


In any case, maybe Kip is reacting to the dishwasher for a similar reason Murphy over at Carrots ‘N’ Cake is reacting to the fireplace.


Does your dog react to any shiny surfaces?



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