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A Tired Pup Is A Good Pup

Every Wednesday, Kip goes to a dog daycare.  I knew it wasn’t good for Kip to be home alone while I was at work all day, so I found a dog daycare where he could run around all day and have some fun.  Unfortunately for Kip, by the end of the day he is usually covered in the bigger doggies drool and smells like the daycare.  So when we get back home on Wednesday Kip gets to take a bath.



Boy, does he throw a fit!



Such a silly little pooch.



If you saw the YouTube clip, you probably saw how he plopped down because he was so tired.  I thought it was so cute the way his hind legs are stretched out!



Time for bed little one.  Hope you had a fun time playing with all the other dogs in preschool today.


 Does your dog have any fun bath-time stories?


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