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Morning Walk Problems

Every morning before I rush off to work, Kip gets a 20-30 minute walk.

We tumble down the stairs and skid out of the building and carefully cross the street.  Ah! Grass!  It takes less than a minute for Kip to sniff out a spot where he wants to pee.  I let him sniff around a little more hoping that he will also poo but 8/10 times he simply will not squat.


So why don’t I stand there and wait for him to poo?

The goal of Kip’s morning walk is not only for him to relieve himself, but also to give him some exercise.  I only have a limited amount of time before I have to go to work so morning walks are power walks. Sometime my little terrier gets distracted by different smells or small birds and abruptly stops moving.  Usually I don’t notice and I almost trip backwards because he’s anchored himself to the ground.  Over time he has adjusted to the fast paced morning walks and the amount of stops has reduced.  It’s been a great relief until now.  Kip has started to squat mid-walk in the middle of the sidewalk.  Oh the horrors.

I hurriedly took the  plastic doggy bag out of my pocket and scraped it all up but there was a big smudge in the middle of the sidewalk. It was gross.  I couldn’t understand why Kip hadn’t gone in the grass just a few minutes ago.  These past couple days I’ve been lingering in the grass patch with Kip to see if an extra five minutes would help him go in the right spot.  Anxiously watching the time go by as he seemingly sniffed each blade of grass. Twice I was lucky enough to spot him attempting to squat mid walk and gently pushed him off the sidewalk onto some dirt where bushes grew.

Has anyone run across this problem?  I’m not sure how to fix it.


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  • Agh! Just left a comment and it went missing?? Okay I’ll try again. Basically what my other comment said was, my pups do the same thing, only it hasn’t been a problem since they have solid poo. The very few times it hasn’t been solid, where they leave sidewalk skid marks, lol, I just tell myself the rain will wash it away. I think the reason they wait to go is, the exercise (walking), acts like a natural laxative. When they gotta go, they gotta go. At least your picking up after your pup, which is something I can’t say for a lot of people. They leave their nasty poo all over the place and don’t even care.

    • Kim

      Hmm I’m not sure why your comment went missing :(

      Kip usually has solid poo during the day, but not so much in the morning for some odd reason. I need to go look up some information about that.

      It really annoys me when other owners don’t pick up after their dogs. Especially if there is a doggy station with free doggy bags 5 steps away. It’s probably one of the reasons some parks don’t allow dogs to enter even on leash :(

  • Our Toby, who is a senior dog, seems now to go wherever the urge strikes–fortunately not inside. Also fortunately, his poop is currently solid, but when he was having problems several months ago, I had the same problem you are having. I just did my best in cleaning it up. I do give him pumpkin regularly (a tablespoon in each meal) and that seems to help keep him regular.

    • Kim

      Looks like I should adjust Kip’s diet first to make his poo solid. I just find it strange that he doesn’t go in the grass when he was used to doing it before. Maybe I should start giving Kip a spoon of pumkin too. Thanks for the tip Sage!

  • Normally I go in the grass or off the “beaten path”, but sometimes I will suddenly stop and pee in the middle of the sidewalk! Mom just shakes her head, wondering why I don’t aim for the grass!

    • Kim

      Oh no! Haha I imagine that would be even more difficult to clean up, unless it was raining. I guess dogs are so used to the cement and hard ground that its all fair game for potty spots these days.

  • 47

    Yes I have, its the brusk movement that “loosens everything up” if you know what I mean. Warm baths will also do it to a dog. This is just a thought, but when he does poo, give him a specific queue word to mean pooping, and use it only when he’s in the act for a good 6 months. (You’re conditioning pavlov’s response.) Eventually you’ll be able to use that word and it’ll be so conditioned he’ll have the urge upon hearing it.

    • Kim

      I never thought that a warm bath would have that kind of effect!
      I’ll have to take your advice on the conditioning and try that out.
      Thanks so much for the insight!
      This whole situation has been driving me crazy