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Kip’s Kibble

The Journey from Purina Pro Plan, Beneful to Wellness..

Problems with Kip’s fur thinning out motivated me to do a bit of research on Kip’s nutrition. When I first brought Kip home and dropped by Pet Smart to pick up some pet supplies, we were towed around the store by an enthusiastic employee with a British accent. I decided to take his advice because at the time, I hardly knew anything about raising a dog and he seemed quite informative.  I was wrong.  The puppy food he sent me home with was “Pro Plan Chicken & Rice Formula Puppy Food” by Purina. When Kip finished that kibble and it was time to buy more, Preston prompted me to buy Beneful, the kibble his Akita eats. After I came home with a bag of beneful and found that Kip happily devoured it down, I felt compelled to look up which had better reviews; Pro Plan vs. Beneful.  When I read the reviews however, I was mortified to learn that I had been feeding Kip nothing but trash and filler.

Comments lead me to Dog Food Analysis where I took my first steps in learning about the reality of kibble. Both Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice and Beneful for Puppies is rated one star. I was horrified. I went back out that same evening and returned the sack of Beneful that I had purchased at the grocery store. I told them my puppy would not touch it and demanded a refund. I was furious that they even sold such horrible products at the store. Instead, I went out and bought the five-star rated Wellness Just for Puppy and even got a couple free cans of canned food with a coupon. Like a child that turns up their nose at veggies, Kip did not prefer to eat Wellness. He loved their treats but gingerly ate his kibble.

The Costco Trap

The downside to high quality food was the price. So when I read that Costco sold kibble that was a good quality for the price, I decided to change Kip to the Costco kibble. So Kip ate a sack of the Costco kibble, and then they came out with a “grain-free” formula called “Nature’s Domain” so I switched to that. Evidently, the Costco brand Kibble does not provide enough nutrition for Kip. He has been on Costco Kibble for roughly 2-3 months and his fur has thinned and feels dry and limp.

Advice from Yummy Tummy

Yesterday, I took Kip to a different dog park about 30 minutes away. On the way home I decided to stop by Mud Bay and chose the first one that popped up on my GPS. It took me a bit further away from home than I anticipated and that particular location had changed to an individual’s pet store called “Yummy Tummy; Holistic Pet Food Store.” I went in and had a lovely chat with the owner who informed me that the Costco kibble was made by a company called Diamond that had many recalls and used food sources that were not trustworthy. She also recommended a couple different brands that were family owned and that her customers saw improvement from. So I brought home Acana Pacifica, which turns out to be a 5-star and award winning kibble. What I learned about the company that produces Acana is that they are located in Canada,  use local ingrediants, and they only use fresh ingrediants (not frozen and grown free range) that are delivered daily.


She also advised me to look into dog food companies and even into the ingrediants of high rated foods as the ratings are indeed based upon the list of ingrediants, but do not look into the quality of food sources or manufacturers. She also recommended a supplement by “The Missing Link.” It’s supposed to support a healthy skin and coat and makes up for the essential fatty acids, dietary fibers, and plant nutrients that are missing in commercial foods these days. I have seen supplements on the shelves of pet stores but have never actually tried them before. I figured I would try it once a vet recommended it.  This time around, I decided to try the supplement. Yesterday I managed to get Kip to eat a quarter of a teaspoon with some peanut butter. Today I mixed it in with his kibble and he didn’t touch anything until he was hungry enough to eat whatever he could find.

What I need to do is get my hands on a good book about nutrition for dogs. What leaves me hesitant is the clash in reviews regarding the nutrition books available. Even the highest rated books have some people strongly against some of the methods or ingrediants discussed in the books. I suppose my best bet is to get several books and study the topic thoroughly. If only the public library had every book I wanted to read. While the library has many books, I find my local library somewhat limited regarding dogs.

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  • Erm I dunno about Australia Terrier but I think most Terrier furs are ‘supposed’ to be handstripped but then nowadays people only strip their Terriers for ‘show’. We handstripped TOto for alot of reasons but definitely not to show him, hahaha. My reason for saying that is because only handstripped terrier will have a hard coat (the wiry texture). The more you shave or cut a terrier coat, the softer and silkier it will become. IF the groomer shaves the terrier fur in the OPPOSITE direction, it will caused the fur to become CURLY! So in order to maintain the breed look, one has to handstripped their terrier if not you will realised how come the fur is not as fluffy like we see them on Advertisement pictures! Alot of readings can be done online on this topic but it is very hard to find a professional handstripper and VERY EXPENSIVE! We paid for a so called professional twice and TOto’s fur was so damaged! It took about 3-4 session of hardcore handstripping by myself and took about 9mths for TOto fur to regain it original state, sigh.

    I think this website explains quite well >> http://www.tlcgroomingdogs.com/stripping/

    I’ll have to leave the research to yourself :)

    Sorry for being so long winded because i think Kip’s fur thining isn’t because of his food. :)

    Oh come back to the topic of food, ACANA Is a good brand! But we didn’t have that in our part of USA. But TOto is having Orijen fish with Wellness simple. We are waiting for ACANA Grain free to come in so that we can mix Orijen fish with Acana Grain free. We top TOto’s kibble with Stella and Chewy and Nancy’s Cottage Cheese.

    So far this combination give us the best poop result! Hahaha ~
    Hope Kip is liking his Acana so far!

    • Kim

      Thanks for the resources!
      It was very informative since I had heard about handstripping but had’t quite understood the concept of it. Isn’t Orijen and Acana from the same company? I thought they just had a 10% difference in their mix. I used to have Kip on Wellness but he didn’t seem to enjoy it much. He does seem to take liking to Acana though!

      • Orijen meat/protein concentration is so much higher. We read online smaller dogs’ kidney cannot handle the high concentration of protein level, which is why we choose to mix his kibbles.


        We are waiting for ACANA Lamb & Okanagan Apple, we heard that it will becoming in to Texas on Wednesday. Reviews was fantastic for this particular series, hopefully TOto loves them.

        Oh btw TOto don’t really like Wellness too haha but we usually mix his kibbles with Cottage cheese so he ends up eating everything.

  • I think this all a matter of preference. I have gone to that website before but I can’t seem to find how exactly they rate it, except for higher the protein percentage, higher the rating? I actually use dogfoodadvisor.com It’s easier for me to understand, and what I like is that there is so much feed back from real people and the guy from the site answers a lot of their questions. I knew pretty much when we got Yuki that I was going to buy from the organic/natural aisle. Only thing I have fed my pups has been Blue Buffalo and now Castor & Pollux Organix. When I see that their coats are so soft, silky, and no odor- I think the food is doing it’s job. There’s so many choices. I’d love to feed mine raw, because I know that is probably better than any commercial dog food, but I’m too much of germaphobe.
    Oh, another thing-I was told you don’t need any supplements or vitamins if you’re feeding them good quality food. The good kind of dog food is formulated with all the vitamins your dog needs and that by feeding them extra supplements or vitamins, it can actually be harmful because your giving them more vitamins then they need. I guess it all comes down to what you feel is best for your pup.

  • Kim

    dogfoodadvisor.com seems to have a lot more information. I like that they have people commenting under the analysis of the food.
    I thought about the raw food, but I’ve been reading mixed signals about it and I think Kip will do fine on kibble as long as it’s a higher quality. I do think I need to look into the supplements while I have in on good quality food. I asked the owner of Yummy Tummy if it was ok to use both and she said her dogs were doing fine while on both. But she is certainly not a vet and I do see how an overabundance of vitamins could do them harm. I think I feel comfortable with Acana at the moment. They had a video on their website where they went and took footage of different places they get their ingrediants. It looks like the animals are grown free range on grass naturally, and they’re fish never frozen. While it’s hard to believe everything directly from a company that’s trying to sell their item, the fact that they actually show footage of where everything is coming from sais a lot more than other companies that avoid showing anything at all.
    I only wish high quality food wasn’t so expensive!