2 In Dog

Snow Day

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

After a snow storm Kip had a lot of fun prancing around in the snow :)

This year I found a nice warm jacket for Kip.

It doesn’t have sleeves and attatches with velcro so it’s super easy to put on.

Kip’s on the hunt!

I wonder if he smelling the snow or whatevers underneath it.

Whatever he’s sniffing, he’s getting snow all over his face!

It was fun watching Kip hop around in the snow like a rabbit!

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  • I thought you stopped blogging! Then I realized you had a post a couple months ago that you moved to Korea. We used to live in Japan before we got the dogs and I used to love the pet stores there, they had so much cute stuff like clothes and bedding you’d never find in the states. I do know, at least in Japan, they sell American made dog food, like blue buffalo and organix. it is very expensive, at least in Japan when the 100 yen was about the same as $1.00, but it’s probably worth considering the safety/quality of the food. It’s good too see little kip enjoying all that snow!

    • Kim

      I kind of dived head first into the job market here in Korea and found out it was a completely different ball game than in the U.S. So settling and adjusting to the whole process has been keeping me busy! There’s an exam process between the resume and interview process here so I’m back to studying again. And I thought I was done with standard tests after the SATs. Ouch! Other then that they have “seasons” when all the companies accept applications. This season started in September and lasted till October and the last few ended this month. So I have a little bit of space to breath now, whew!

      There isn’t a very good petstore in my area so I’ve been using online shopping. Here they send you “extras” like a sample of a treat and such. I have yet to try any of them because most if not all of them were made in China. After seeing a documentary on how the chinese pet industry erases the expiration date with nail polish remover and reprints a fake date on top of it…well, combined with that and safety in general I don’t even bother and toss them out.