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Beautiful day at Lake Washington

So after a week of snow followed by a week of rain, we finally got some sunshine! We drove to a park right next to the lake and it was breathtakingly beautiful.


Far off you can see Mount Rainier in the distance.


Kip thought it was a shame that he couldn’t play with the other dogs there. There wasn’t an off-leash area at this park and most of the other people who came with their dogs were concentrated on walking or jogging.

He did get to exercise his nose though! With new smells and a new experiences, Kip is learning the world one sniff at a time.


It makes me wonder how I spend so much time in front of the computer when nature is so beautiful and refreshing!


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  • Beautiful!! I love how you can see mt. Rainier in the background!! Also, the water seems to be really clear, i love this pic where Kip is drinking and I can see all the pebbles.

    • Kim

      It was amazing to have all that sunlight so that I could actually set my camera to capture all the motion! Usually it’s not bright enough and I hate using flash so most of my photos will end up blurry. I wished I could let Kip off-leash but it was a restricted area :(

      It’s really nice when we can actually see Mt. Rainier though. Usually the weather is too cloudy or it’s raining so we can’t actually see it. It just magically appears when the weather is nice and makes the scenery just that much more amazing.

  • Woah breathtaking view!
    The water here is so murky, I would DIE if TOto take a SIP of the water here!! Kip is SO LUCKY! I just realised Kip tail is docked, SO CUTE! Did Kip run into the water and start swimming haha ~

    • Kim

      That actually ran through my mind after Kip had drinken from the lake. What if the water isn’t safe for him to drink?! I panicked.

      But seeing as he is ok, close call. The water just looked so clean and sparkly that I didn’t think about it before he went in. He only went close enough to drink from it, but wouldn’t go in any further.

      Yesh, Kip’s tail is docked! It’s kind of cute in it’s short stubby little way. It’s funny when he wags it because its so short and it’s wagging fast haha. Sometime’s I wish it were longer though. I love dog tails, theres something about tails that I really envy of animals. I think it would be great fun to have a tail myself. But then I guess it would be uncomfortable to sit in a chair…

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