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London: Piccadilly Circus


As I walked into Piccadilly Circus I observed an interesting mix of up beat energy from street performers and watchers and complete relaxation in the faces of those sitting around the statue of Eros.


I really liked the shape of the wings and the pose of this Eros statue. You just get that sense of balance from the overall pose that is made entirely possible by the beautiful wings. Without the wings I don’t think you would have that same sense of stability because of the way one leg is lifted. So you can just imagine the strength that comes from the wings and fall into a happy daydream about having wings and the ability to fly!


There were a few more stallions to this statue, but I believe I lacked the space to back up to get a wider shot so I felt a bit limited by my lens. I just thought they expressed an incredible amount of movement and strength. Look at those bulging muscles and veins! I think you really start to appreciate sculptures when you try to sculpt something yourself. Do you remember making a vase or a cup out of clay during art class? Now imagine trying to sculpt this magnificent horse. See my point?



Looking back at these photos of buildings along the street just make me think about how different the cityscapes are from the US or Korea.  In the current city I live in Korea, everything is new. Seoul has a better mix of traditional buildings and modern buildings, but you won’t really see European style buildings. I think Seattle has an interesting array of architectural designs but I still felt like the overall feel was modern. What architectural style does your city have?

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