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Breathtaking views at Mount Rainier


Last week I went for a hike at Mount Rainier and it was absolutely beautiful.

Mount Rainier Entrance

Once you see the sign you know you’ve reached the right spot!  I used the address 39000 State Route 706 E, Ashford, WA 98304 on my GPS and it worked perfectly. Be sure to get the park map when you pay for your entrance ticket.


Once you reach Longmire take a break from driving and stretch those legs. This huge part of a douglas-fir tree is on display right next to the Longmire museum.


They have some interesting world events along the growth rings.


This tree is over 700 years old!


Inside the Longmire museum you can get your National Park Passport stamped with the Longmire cancellation. If you don’t have a passport, you can buy one at the Longire museum as well as a replica of the 1934 U.S. postage stamp that features Mount Rainier.

Christine Falls

The first waterfall was Christine Falls. It’s not far from Longmire and looks like a place from a fairy tale.

Christine Falls

To the right of Christine Falls there’s a little “mini waterfall”. There’s a lot of these mini waterfalls along the road up the mountain.

Narada Falls

From the bridge above Narada falls you can see the water pool into a beautiful jade color.

Narada Falls

Make sure you breathe in the nature to the left of the bridge too.

Narada Falls

On the way down to the view-point you can see a peep of Narada falls.

Narada Falls

If there is one waterfall you must see at Mount Rainier it’s the Narada falls.

The rushing sound of water and the cool misty breeze make the long drive absolutely worth it.

Narada Falls

At the bottom you can see rainbows:)

Paradise Visitor Center

Once you reach the Paradise Visitor Center you can take time for a meal or a snack and take some photos. On a clear day you’ll be able to see the glaciers.

Paradise Visitor Center

You can also choose to go on some hiking trails.


Myrtle Falls wasn’t the most beautiful waterfall in and of itself, but with Mount Rainier in the backdrop it certainly was picturesque. It’s not that long or difficult of a hike to Myrtle falls from Paradise Visitor Center so it’s definitely one to consider visiting.




If you do decide to go on one of the longer trails, make sure you stop to look back every once in a while for the view!


On the way down I looked back to see Mount Rainier in the fading sunlight. As much as I was exhausted I was sad to leave the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

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  • wow! those ARE breathtaking views. i would like to be there at this moment, being that it so hot (in the 100’s hot), and it looks like a cool and breezy place to be. ;)

  • Kim

    The air is so clean up there and especially in front of the Narada falls you could feel the cool water from the waterfall just swirling around you with the breeze. I thought 96 degrees was bad, 100s must be horrible!

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