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Mr. Foxy

This is one of my favorite pictures of Kip when he was young.  It shows three things that Kip really likes. Mr. Foxy is a stuffing-less toy that Kip loves. I got it when he was five months old and Kip still loves it up-to-date. I find it amazing that one of the squeakers are still alive given that it’s just a regular squeaker. The second thing Kip likes is to take a nap, and the third is keeping his butt warm.  I find it somewhat odd, but he likes to sleep with his butt on the heater. Usually I shoo him away, seeing as the last thing I need is a pup on fire.

Maybe the reason he likes Mr. Foxy so much is because I got it when he was really young.  It was Kip’s second toy and I’m still quite amazed that it lasted through his teething phase.

He likes it as a tug toy and if I drag it across the floor he’ll pounce on it.

It must be one of those “teddy bear” or “baby blanket” things that children have. Whatever it is, its mighty cute!



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  • Caryl, Shadow & Trooper

    Those photos are so cute! Kip looks like a little angel. Shadow used to have squeaky toys for years too, until I got Trooper. He will tear out the squeaker in seconds sometimes. Now I don’t leave any out because they will get into a fight (and I do mean fight) over them. I have a drawer full of “dead” squeaky toys! LOL

    • Kim

      I’ve kept a couple of Kip’s dead squeaky toys too. I regret throwing out a lobster toy he killed. It was kind of cute haha! How do you keep your aussies entertained without toys? Sometimes I get home from a rough day at work and don’t have the energy to play with Kip. I don’t know where I would be without toys lol

  • TOto longest lasting softtoyfriend is also one of the cheapest toy that we gotten from target, only 2.50 and they never replenish tat! So i have to keep resewing his turtle. He has to hug them every night and lick turtle to death, until turtle grew a beard and a patch of hair on turtle head, hahahaha ~

    • Kim

      Oh no! I think I remember reading about turtle. They really never restocked it? That’s such a shame! Do you have a picture of the turtle beard and hair? That’s so funny lol