7 In Dog

Sleeping like a baby

Often times I come home from work tired and mentally exhausted.  So when my energetic puppy greets me at the door sometimes it’s just a bit too much.  I don’t want to take him out for a walk in the rain.  I don’t want to pick up after he does his “business.” I don’t want to play tag.

I drag my feet and sigh as I take care of my dog.  It’s become such a chore!

After I come inside and play with Kip for a little while I decide I’m going to get on the computer or read a good book. After a while, when there’s a sudden moment of silence I look around the room looking for him.

Kip, where are you!

When I find him, he’s curled up in the blankets or in his dog bed sleeping like a little baby.  That’s when the Ooohs and Aaahs come tumbling out of my mouth and I feel a sudden pang of guilt.  He is still a baby. I don’t play with him as much as I should. It’s the best time of his life, the golden years of his childhood and here I am grumbling and wasting it away.



Of course, there are times when he’s sleeping in an outlandish pose. Silly little dork!


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