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Nars Blush Collection


There are a whole range of blushes that feel very feminine or luxe, but when it comes to feeling sexy, nobody does it like NARS. There’s something just incredibly satisfying about that soft velvety matte texture of the case combined with the minimalistic yet edgy packaging. The naughty names feel playful and seductive and are likely to make you blush or curve your lips in a knowing smile.

My very first blush was actually Coralista by Benefit, but for whatever reason it caused my skin to continuously breakout. When I switched over to NARS blushes I was still gravitating toward the coral colors, so I picked up their coral blush in Orgasm. It has a golden shimmer so usually when I am using Orgasm I skip the highlighter. I might pick up Amour sometime in the future as I hear it is similar to Orgasm without the shimmer.

On days when I’m in the mood for something a little more subtle or need something to pair with a bold lip, I’ll reach for Sex Appeal. Because Sex Appeal is a matte pastel peach, it can add some natural warmth to your face without all the shimmer fuss. This would be the color I would recommend to anyone who wants to start using blush in their daily routine, but doesn’t want to feel self conscious. It’s hard to overdo Sex Appeal, so it’s a lovely blush for beginners as well.


Sometimes it’s difficult to tell how it will look on your face unless you try it on. At first I wanted nothing to do with this bright pink blush called Gaiety because the last thing I wanted was neon cheeks. Surprisingly, it wears very differently than the color in the pan or the color of the swatches. On the face it wears like a soft rosy pink as long as you use it with a light hand. It’s definitely not a color you want to build up to the color in the pan.


Frenzy is from their dual intensity collection and to be perfectly frank, this is one that I will not be repurchasing. I hardly find myself reaching for this blush, and I can never remember that I have this highlighter because it’s in the midst of my blush collection. The formula is different from their regular blush line as it is meant to be worn either wet or dry, but I can’t be bothered with getting my makeup wet. Over time, I’ve found that I prefer my blushes to be matte and powdery; Bonus points if I don’t have to dig into it to pick up the color on my brush. Besides, once the ridged imprint is gone, it doesn’t wear down very pretty at all.


Seduction is my latest addition to my blush collection that I picked up for fall and winter. I’m all about the burgundy wine colors this fall, so this is one I reach for when I want a deeper berry shade for my cheeks or when I’m rocking a nude lip. When I was comparing it at the counter, I had Seduction on one side and Dolce Vita on the other. There wasn’t a very big difference between either side, but Seduction was slightly less shimmery and closer to burgundy so I went with Seduction.

I’d love to try blushes by Tarte or Two Faced, but because they haven’t officially launched in Korea I’d literally have to pay double the price and the ordering process simply wouldn’t be worth all the trouble.

Your turn ♥ What colors do you have in your blush collection? Which blush is your favorite?


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