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Jo Malone – Christmas Wreath Making Class


My love affair with Jo Malone started with Osmanthus Blossom from the Summer limited edition collection. I was there to trade in a voucher from Allure magazine and fell in love with Osmanthus Blossom when someone else was testing it behind me. Soon after, during the opening of their flagship store in Korea, I managed to snatch the last bottle of Plum Blossom that was to be sold in the country. Though my pockets became considerably lighter, I have the pleasure each morning of reliving the luxury of cream colored boxes and satin black ribbons when I choose which perfume to don that day. I’ve not run out of luck it seems, as I received a surprise call by Jo Malone earlier this week inviting me to their Christmas wreath making class!



This Christmas, Jo Malone is throwing a modern chic Christmas party reminiscent of the 1950s. From the polk-a-dot tie to the Marilyn Monroe-esque look in green satin, everything about this campaign is right up my alley. A delivery boy with an armful of parcels? I love a man in a uniform! Jo Malone certainly knows how to capture a woman’s heart. I’ve been rocking the burgundy lip for the past couple of months, but it looks like it’s time to make a switch to retro red.


Before the class began we were served some afternoon tea, sans tea. Instead we had a bit of apple champagne which was lovely and put everyone in a festive mood. This year the keywords are #kissmass and #mistletoe, and this mini cake topped with mistletoe was a sweet delight! Christmas traditions aren’t necessarily a part of traditional Korean culture so there was a short introduction regarding mistletoe for the Korean audience. As someone who grew up in the States, it brought back memories of ceiling-high Christmas trees decked with ornaments, houses and trees decorated in Christmas lights, tables heavy with Christmas feasts, and beautifully wrapped presents for Christmas day.



Jo Malone had invited a florist to teach us how to create a Christmas wreath using mistletoe, eucalyptus, pearls, and green ornaments. This was my first time creating an arrangement using a foam oasis, and I loved learning how the different shapes and textures could add a bit of sparkle and dimension! The room was decorated in green and there was a roasted chestnut candle burning on the mantle place. It brought to mind the song Sleigh Ride that goes: At the fireplace while we watch the chestnuts pop. Pop! Pop! Pop!



I’ve always been used to Christmas wreaths made of pine leaves with red trimmings, but I thought the fresh green leaves and pearls made for a fresh new look. For their Christmas packaging they’re using green velvet ribbons and a mistletoe ornament that I’ll be hanging in my doorway. Can you guess which scent I decided to splurge on? Hint: It’s a floral scent!

Your turn ♥ Which Jo Malone perfume is your favorite? Tell me what your favorite Christmas tradition is!

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  • Ahhh!! What a lovely pre-Christmas event ^__^
    Love the collection and the decoration really
    is a great spirit starter c: Xx Ice Pandora

    • Kim

      It really was a lovely way to get into the Christmas spirit!
      Time to pull together a Christmas soundtrack and decorate the Christmas tree :D

  • Those sweets look amazingly delicious. I have never tried anything from Jo Malone, but I’ve so many great things about their candles. Looks like such a wonderful event overall!


    • Kim

      I liked that they were small so that you could try a little bit of everything! I’ve not tried their candles yet as I’ve been obsessed with their perfume, but here’s to hoping I’ll get to try them someday ;)

  • Ah, how lucky! The class looks like a lot of fun, I really love being hands-on and crafty. I’ve sampled some Jo Malone scents a while back. I cringed at the price but I kinda regret not splurging on one! Now that I wear perfume more often, it’s a perfect excuse to get one next time around.

    becky ♡ star violet

    • Kim

      I like to consider perfumes more as an investment piece because they sort of represent your identity in a certain way. Some people use perfume to really defined a part of their presence and I love that about a well chosen perfume. Since perfume lasts years (as long as you don’t keep it in the sun), I make it a rule only to buy fragrances that linger in my mind or completely grabs my attention!

      • Ooooh, makes sense! I tend to collect little mini sizes of perfumes cause I think they’re adorable haha. I play around with those scents a lot so I don’t have one that I’m particularly attached to. I only have one that I really like, it’s Roses de Chloe and even though it’s not a very distinct scent, it’s my go-to and people always comment when I’m wearing something different!

        • Kim

          Oooh, I’d like to start a mini perfume collection but I’ve never seen them for sale other than in big bundles that are out of my budget. Where do you usually find them?

          • Usually Sephora point perks for me – though, I’m not entirely sure it’s worth it hahaha… The big bundles they sell aren’t too bad, sometimes they include a voucher that you can redeem for a full size!

          • Kim

            Oooh, a voucher for a full size sounds like the best surprise ever! Now if only all perfumes came in miniature bottles! ;)

  • Wow! This class looks amazing! And those treats! How can I get my hands on some of those??

    • Kim

      This was my first time doing any sort of floral/herb arrangement and it was a lot of fun! For the treats you want to keep an eye out for tea houses or any other place that does “Afternoon Tea.” It’s a British tradition and sometimes they will have a tea stand with 2~3 plates full of treats! :D

  • this sounds awesome! i got my first jol malone perfume not too long ago and i’m obsessed!


    • Kim

      Oooh which one did you get? :D

      • peony and blush :)

        • Kim

          That one is on my wishlist! When they asked which sample I wanted with my purchase I asked for the peony and blush suede sample. I love that it’s a floral with a bit of warmth to it ;)

  • Everything about this class sounds so wonderful and fun! And you made such a beautiful wreath!

    • Kim

      Thanks Krissy! It was my first time making a wreath and I enjoyed myself far more than I had anticipated!
      It makes me want to sign up for more classes like these :D