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Paris: Orsay Museum


With beautiful art, architecture, sculptures, and clocks make the Musee d’Orsay a wonderful place to look about. Located at the heart of Paris right on the Seine river, the Orsay Museum has a much more intimate feel than the vast Louvre. However, it’s still large enough to where 3 hours is not quite enough to see everything. The main area reminds me of the roof of Paddington station, but in a more elegant fashion.




While photography is not allowed in the museum, there were plenty of people gathered round taking photos of the two clocks of the Orsay Museum. The one in the main area was one of the most beautiful clocks I’ve seen. The golden sculpting around the clock is quite brilliant to look at, even from afar. The clock on the top floor looking out towards the Montmarte is also quite stunning with a lovely silhouette effect. I usually wait until there aren’t any people in front of the object I’m taking a picture of, but the silhouettes were so beautiful I couldn’t resist snapping away when they were there!

Your turn ♥ Which clock do you like the most, and have you ever tried photographing silhouettes?




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  • Lovely pictures Kim! As I was scrolling through I was thinking “I’m sure photography’s banned in the Orsay Museum” lol. Well done for getting a few sneaky shots though! Particularly the first one of the clock. I love it :)

    • PS. I’m loving the silhouettes too. I think the picture of the clock with the people in front of it is much more interesting personally. It gives you an idea of just how big it is!

      • Kim

        Yes I much prefer the left photo with the people in front, but I still got the one with no people partly out of habit and partly so I just have a clean shot of the clock. I’m so glad I got a nice one with the silhouettes though! It has a nice feeling to it doesn’t it? :D

        • It does! I really like it. I think it’s the person in the centre that’s most interesting. Not sure why! lol. It just seems to work. Would have been great if you could have got one with just them in it :)

    • Kim

      Hehe, there were several people taking photos of the clocks so I just joined them ;)
      I’m not sure why no-flash photography is banned in museums. Photos that people upload to social media is like free advertising!

  • Oh I love the Musee D’Orsay, it’s such a beautiful museum. I remember spending an age looking at all the Art Nouveau there (as well as all the historic French Art) The Museum actually houses some of my favourite 19th century French Art. I studied Art History at university and spent a long time in libraries and galleries, plenty of nostalgia seeing these pics! The clock is awesome. I need to revisit some day!

    • Kim

      I remember really loving some of the artwork there, and I know that I wrote down a list of artists and titles somewhere I just need to find it! I only took one art history course in uni so a lot of the artwork there was like a new discovery for me. I wish I’d been able to see them after having taken some more art history courses, so I envy you! ;)

  • I absolutely adored this museum! I love the shot of the clock you got! When I went there were just tons and tons of people, so I couldn’t get it by itself. But yours looks so lovely!

    • Kim

      The funny thing is that I just sort of stood where I wanted to get the shot from and waited for people to get out of the way. I finally got the photo in a split second between people posing for photos in front of the clock, and as I was moving away I saw a line had sort of formed behind me for people who wanted to take photos lol

  • Beautiful photos! It’s a shame I’ve never been in the Orsay museum as I’m always wandering around Paris, I’ll have to go even just for these clocks because they look so cool. Thanks for sharing!

    Julia xx
    Last post: my Barcelona holiday masterpost! | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.fr/2015/09/holiday-post-3-barcelona-masterpost.html

    • Kim

      You should drop by to see the clocks and the beautiful artwork they have! It’s definitely worth a visit :)