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Paris: Orsay Museum


With beautiful art, architecture, sculptures, and clocks make the Musee d’Orsay a wonderful place to look about. Located at the heart of Paris right on the Seine river, the Orsay Museum has a much more intimate feel than the vast Louvre. However, it’s still large enough to where 3 hours is not quite enough to see everything. The main area reminds me of the roof of Paddington station, but in a more elegant fashion.




While photography is not allowed in the museum, there were plenty of people gathered round taking photos of the two clocks of the Orsay Museum. The one in the main area was one of the most beautiful clocks I’ve seen. The golden sculpting around the clock is quite brilliant to look at, even from afar. The clock on the top floor looking out towards the Montmarte is also quite stunning with a lovely silhouette effect. I usually wait until there aren’t any people in front of the object I’m taking a picture of, but the silhouettes were so beautiful I couldn’t resist snapping away when they were there!

Your turn ♥ Which clock do you like the most, and have you ever tried photographing silhouettes?




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