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Quick Tips for Blog Photography


Ideally, we’d all be taking photos for our blogs on nice clear mornings with ample sunshine, but sometimes you just have to make do with what you have. While I do have a few camera gadgets like a remote, I don’t have a reflector or a soft box. Some people advise using a white foam board as a reflector, but I found that it wasn’t as powerful as I needed it to be. I suppose I could try wrapping it with aluminum foil to see if that would work, but aluminum foil tends to rip pretty easily. The solution?


Use a mirror! So the window in my room is to the left of my desk. I have put my mirror on the right and pointed it down towards the Innisfree No-Sebum powder I reviewed this past week. Both of these photos have not been edited, so you are looking at the power of a mirror! It’s just a plain mirror that I use when I do my makeup, but it works wonders! It’s softened that harsh shadow and added a rim light to the compact and the dish. So even if you edit your photos in Photoshop, this will make a world of a difference. It’s so much easier to edit a photo that was taken in good lighting than it is to edit a photo that is dark with harsh shadows.


The second quick tip I have for you is to open your windows! Especially if you have double windows like the ones in my room. Opening the curtains or blinds helps, but the window panes themselves are actually filtering out a lot of light. They may also be tinting the color of the light coming through your window. As you can see, my windows have a slightly bluish tint which will make my photos turn out blue! So even if it’s cold in the winter, it’s probably worth opening your windows while you’re grabbing a few shots. Wrap yourself in a cozy robe and let in the light!

Your turn ♥ What are your quick tips for taking photos for your blog?

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  • I definitely agree – natural light makes you photos look so much better. Also I haven’t tried the mirror technique so I will definitely be giving that a go!

    Kathy xx

    • Kim

      Right? I feel like it gives photos a warm soft look that you can’t get with artificial lights! Let me know how you like using a mirror ;)

  • That’s such a good idea, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself! Definitely trying it the next time I do some flatlay shots, haha :)

    • Kim

      Hehe it’s really nice because it’s something we all have and don’t have to go out and buy and then store somewhere ;)

  • I love these tips! I go for natural light when possible, but had never thought of using a mirror before! It’s genius!


    • Kim

      You should definitely try it out! I use it even when there’s natural light to get the light distribution just the way I like it ;)

  • rae

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing! Good photography is so important for blogging.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    • Kim

      Yes! Good photography makes all the difference!
      I love that you always have such stunning photos on your blog!

  • Kim thank you so much for these tips! They are sure to up my flatlay game for sure :) Using a mirror is such a fab idea, buying reflectors can be so expensive

    Rachel xx

    • Kim

      Exactly! Plus I don’t really have something that could hold a reflector, unless it came with something to attach to a tripod…but a mirror works pretty well and you don’t have to fuss with a tripod ;)

  • These are great tips! I’m always struggling with taking photos of stuff inside since it’s pretty dark at my place.

    xx freshfizzle