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We moved!

It has ben an insane couple months. We have moved to S.Korea!

All the preparation for moving was stressful to say the least. It was hard selling all my furniture and my car for low used prices when they were in perfectly good condition.  I didn’t even try to clean the apartment I moved out of. Every apartment I’ve moved out of charges a cleaning fee regardless and luckily my apartment had a fixed cleaning fee. I already miss my apartment as it was right on the edge of Lake Washington with a beautiful view 2 minute walk away from my doorstep.

Kip was too heavy to take on-board the passenger part of the plane and had to go down into the cargo compartment. One of the movies available during the flight was Lady and the Tramp. I teared up thinking of Kip alone in the cold cargo compartment during that 13 hour flight.  Yes, I’m a hopeless dog mother. I made sure he was wearing a comfortable dog coat with a soft dog bed inside the crate. I really think the Ark Naturals Happy Traveler Soft Chews helped. He cried throughout the entire shuttle bus ride to the airport (20 mins) but didn’t cry at all once we landed and reunited at baggage claim. He didn’t even cry during the 2 hour ride home from the airport. He seemed happy to be out to stretch his legs and sniff around but didn’t seem traumatized. Believe me, I have seen plenty of traumatized pitiful dogs after flights when I was working at the airport. I was so glad to see that Kip didn’t seem traumatized at all.

The biggest concern I have now that I’m in Korea is the availability of pet products. There are small vet hospitals but nothing like medium-sized local pet stores like in the U.S. There is nothing the size of Petsmart or Petco at all. There are many online pet stores though, some that are almost the size of petsmart/petco online. However, I have no way to judge the credibility of Korean/Japanese company products. There is no Whole Dog Journal or Dog Food Advisor/Dog Food Analysis for Asian products. There are however, more people than I ever anticipated that feed their dogs a raw or natural diet. Kibble that is imported from the U.S. or Canada are double the price. A $40 bag of Orijen kibble costs $74 in Korea. A $15 bag of Missing Link is $50 in Korea. Wellness treats aren’t even being imported. Cans are hardly existent at all, and I’ll be damned if I feed my dog Cesar canned food. Where do they come off saying that their food=love when it’s full of beef-by-products, meat-by-products, and chicken-by-products?

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  • TOto’s mammeee

    U moved? That is so sudden, I hate the day I have to move back to Singapore too and has already start worrying about TOto’s flight back which is like further than Korea! Yikes …

    Although the environment for pets in Singapore has gotten better but it won’t be as good as in USA! I am sure the dog park in Singapore won’t be as BIG as in USA!!

    My husband has job offer from S.Korea but was wondering about the Pet culture there. Does Kip needs to be Quarantine when he touched down?

    If TOto is to go back Singapore there is a strict restriction on what shots he needs to get, a titre test, and all the paperwork is crazy. There will be a minimum of 10 days, and maximum of 30days quarantine for dogs returning to Singapore.

    Hope u settled well, update more.

    • Kim

      I definitely recommend Ark Naturals Happy Traveler Soft Chews if you’re going to travel. Depending on TOto’s weight he may be able to board on passenger.

      There’s a lot of people that raise dogs in their apartments now and there are civic organizations that are trying to get rid of the old dog eating culture and stand up for animal rights.

      One of the biggest online korean dog owner communities has 197,375members. Today alone they had 8475 posts on their forums.

      As for environments, there are hardly any public dog parks. They are just beginning to emerge and are starting to be planned/fundraised.

      Dog Cafe’s are more common but there are some commercial dogparks that have entrance fees ranging from $5-$10. These commercial parks aren’t directly in seoul but rather spread out in the state around the city. Some include camping grounds and some include swimming pools (for dogs).

      Kip did not have to be put in quarantine. However, you need the right documentation. Rabies shot documentation (need to have been taken at least a month prior) and some sort of international health certificate that only certified vets can give you apparently. Mine was a white slip that had a yellow slip and pink one behind it (so it copies what you write on the white one). However, I heard that in the near future the regulations are changing so you need to get a blood test done (i think that’s the titre test you mention).

      One thing that I’m annoyed about is that the microchips are different here. They use a completely different system from the states so it’s impossible for me to register Kip with the microchip he has. I don’t feel comfortable giving him another one because I read some articles online saying it can cause cancer. Of course, it’s not common but I don’t feel the need to increase the risk…

      Oh, and the petstores are rather small. Most people order stuff online. Online shopping is more common in Korea, even though there is no Amazon here. There are more individual and medium sized online shopping malls/stores.

      Wasn’t Toto on Acana? I can’t find Acana here. They only bring in Orijen for some reason…It might be that there is and I just haven’t found it yet.