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My dog’s eyes are prettier than mine


Life’s unfair. Kip’s eyes are a prettier than mine!



Look at those eyelashes!  I think they’re longer than mine. He’s not even a girl!


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  • Hahaha you won’t want to be hairy like him!

    • Kim

      Haha that’s true! Kip has alot of hair growing around his ear that pokes into his ear too. I have to trim them once in a while but I imagine if he didn’t have help from a human they would bother him to no end

  • 47

    We’ve got cockers that come into our shop with 2 inch long eyelashes, according to our ruler. Invariably, those kind of lashes are on males.

    • Kim

      Oh wow. Suddenly Kip’s eyelashes don’t seem that long after all, haha. Isn’t it strange that boys have longer lashes than girls? I suppose it’s because of the different hormones but I still find it unfair!

  • thats what i say about cats! they have coolest unique eye colors! yuki and rocket have super long lashes, i think maybe because theres grow along with the rest of their fur, but they’re about an 1/2 inch long, possibly longer.

    • Kim

      Cat’s eyes always remind me of a gemstone called Tiger’s eye. Not just the color but they feel like they have so much depth sometimes.