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Starting Yoga

Have you ever run across a blog or an article where someone was living a healthy and balanced life and wished was a little bit more balanced too?  Or maybe someone was running past you in the morning in their snazzy outfit and you saw how toned their body was.   For months, no I admit for a few years now, I have always thought that I need to do more exercise, I want to get fit, I want to get toned.  I made a few attempts here and there to start exercising.  I ran the treadmill for 30 minutes for…two days.  I bought a yoga dvd and followed it a couple times here and there for a year.  Last year I took a yoga class three times a week for about two months until my schedule changed and I couldn’t fit it in.

Here I am, at it again.  I wiped off my yoga mat and dusted off my “Essential Yoga for Inflexible People” yesterday morning and followed it for 20 minutes.  It was easy-going but I felt like I was saying hello to a lot of muscles in my body that I usually don’t pay any attention to.  It also felt like my spine was stretched out which was nice as I tend to slump when I sit in front of the computer at work all day.



This morning is day two and I did my yoga as soon as I woke up.  I was feeling a bit dizzy at the end of fifteen minutes so I decided to stop there rather than push myself further.  The sequence started at Mountain Pose down to a lunge and into a Downward Dog position.   Kip thought this was super exciting and excitedly licked my face and started rubbing his body in my face.  Kip does a little “Doga” himself every morning.  He does the “Extended Puppy Pose” and his own little version of Downward Dog, which kind of reminds me of a cat stretching out it’s back by hunching it.


Have you started an exercise routine and stuck to it?  Leave me some advice on keeping to it!



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  • Eyewitness

    I have inside information from a reliable source stating that Kim hasn’t done Yoga after she made this blog post! For Shame!

    • Kim


      *hides in a corner*

  • Rawbee

    I know exactly how you feel! I constantly am trying to lose weight, become more toned, and even more flexible. Luckily for me Melody forces me to at least run everyday! The best advice I have for staying on track with exercising is to make it a routine. I brush my teeth every morning at 7am sharp, so I workout at 8am sharp every morning. Eventually it just becomes something you automatically do out of instinct. I’ll admit I tend to stray occasionally, but then I eat a lot or indulge then I’m right back on that treadmill!

    • Kim

      I seem to go through spans of time where for a few weeks I wake up even before my alarm rings and I am right on routine. I even have time to walk Kip an extra 10 minutes in the morning. These days I can’t seem to wake up when my alarm rings and find myself pressing the snooze button for as long as I can afford to. Ahh what a weak spirit I have!