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Another way to freeze your Kong


Are you running short of ways to keep your pup entertained?  I know I am.  I never realized just how much playing would be enough for a puppy.  Even after an hour of play Kip wants to play more.  So how long is enough?  Well, he seemed tired after 9 hours at the daycare, but I just can’t devote nine hours a day to play with my puppy.  I have work, and on weekends I get to catch up with housework, groceries and errands.  So thus the hunt goes on for ways to keep my puppy entertained.  When I searched the internet, there were a few ideas as to how to keep your dog entertained.

The first way was to hide their food in a box, so that they have to use their nose and work for their food.  This turned out to be a big no-no.  While it did make Kip work for his food, it also led him to ripping open the box into a thousand pieces, scattering it all. over. the. floor.  Pieces small enough to be scattered over my entire apartment, big enough that it would probably kill my vacuum.  I had to squat and pick up them all up, swearing that I would never give Kip his food in a box again.

The next way was to put a tennis ball or food inside an old sock.  I decided I would his kong with some peanut butter inside 3 layers of socks.  I came home and found the toe of the sock torn open and the kong licked clean.  Needless to say, one cannot supply an old sock for their dog on a daily basis.  Plus, now I need to teach Kip that socks do not belong to him, and neither do boxes or paper.  Save yourself the trouble of trying these methods out, I can tell you first hand that they are bad ideas.

But if you do have a Kong…



Try freezing it with water inside the water bowl.  Kip’s water bowl has a stainless steel part that can be conveniently lifted out of the holder.  I haven’t tried it in a regular bowl (since Kip doesn’t have multiple bowls) but fill the bowl with water about 2/3 of the way.  Have part of the Kong sticking out of the water surface so that your dog will be able to bite/paw at it.  Don’t forget to run some warm water over it so the ice starts to melt and your dog’s tongue doesn’t get stuck.


The beauty of having a separate bowl and holder, is that the bowl will spin around in the holder when your dog tries to paw it out.  Check out this video on YouTube of Kip trying to get his frozen Kong.


And do let me know how it works out for you!

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  • That’s a great idea! Mom thinks I’m more likely to grab the ice surrounded Kong and enjoy it as it melts on the couch ‘tho! We’ll try this one once it gets warm and we’re hanging out in the yard!

    • Kim

      Hi Prudence!

      Yea I agree that you should save the experimenting for somewhere other than the couch. We want to keep the couch dry and comfy:)

      Let’s try to come up with other ideas to have fun with our Kong in the meantime.

      -love Kip

  • Frozen Kongs are THE BEST! Here’s a link to what I stuff them with, if you’re interested. They won’t keep Kip busy for 9 hours though!


    If you get an old soft-drink bottle, take the lid and the little ring around the top of the neck off, then cut a couple of little holes in the bottle and put some dog biscuits inside. Kip will have to roll the bottle around with his nose to get the biccies out – that used to keep Flo amused for a fair while, until she worked out (when her jaws got big enough) that all she had to do was tip it up so they would fall out the end hole! The other thing that still keeps her busy for a long time is a frozen marrow bone.

    Good luck!

    H and Flo

    • Kim

      Hi H and Flo!

      Thanks for the tip, I definitely need to try that out.
      I never thought about freezing marrow bones though. I’ll have to do that the next time I get one for Kip.

      -love Kim and Kip

  • Frozen Kong in a dishbowl – how ingenious! It’s like an optical illusion where the Kong looks as if it’s floating in water but, in acutality, half of the Kong is partially frozen. Maple loves chasing ice cubes on our tile floors. Unfortunately, ice cubes melt too fast (especially given our hot and humid climate over here) so I’m sure this new idea will keep her entertained for quite some time!

    • Kim

      Kip used to leave puddles all over my floor when I gave him ice cubes. Even when I picked them up and put him back in his bowl he would just paw them out again.

      Hopefully Maple enjoys this as much as Kip did:)