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Stretch those Hind Legs

I find it amusing when Kip plops himself down on my bed and stretches out his hind legs. He doesn’t do it very often but once in a while I’ll catch him sprawling out on the bed. It’s somewhat fascinating that he can run so fast on these dainty little feet and jump up and down like a maniac.

Do you find your dog stretching out those hind legs now and then?

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  • Caryl

    My two both do this, but mostly Shadow, the little girl. She does it all the time. Especially now when it’s hot out. We have the air conditioning set to 79. When we lived in Kirkland and came down to visit, we thought that was way too warm! When we come home from our morning walk, Shadow will flop down on the tile. All legs out and belly to the cooler tile. We call it her scatter rug position, as opposed to dog down in front or dog down in the rear.

    • Kim

      I love that name for it! “Scatter rug position” haha. I’m going to have to adopt that one:) It’s really hot this year compared to last year. I’m glad because it actually feels like summer. Last year felt like spring came late and we skipped summer altogether.

  • I find it amusing when TOto sleeps cross legged!

    • Kim

      He sleeps cross legged? lol how on earth? Do you have a picture of him sleeping like that? I’d love to see it haha!

  • ha ha yes! all the time actually. My pups have long legs though, so they resemble a frog.

    • Kim

      That would make a cute photo, especially if they were wearing a green shirt of some sort:P