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Tonymoly – Super Peeling Liquid Foot Peel Review


This past Summer was the first time I had thought about getting a foot peel. My feet hadn’t been bad up till now as I hadn’t worn many heels until this year. I didn’t want to do it during the Summer because who wants to walk around in flip-flops with peeling feet? I figured I’d better wait until the colder weather rolled in so I could hide any peeling feet in socks. Last week when a new Tonymoly store opened across the street from my apartment I decided to give their foot peel a try. In hindsight I probably should have done this some time in March or April since winter is just about to begin, but my curiosity got the better of me.


Inside the box there is a plastic sock with an inner layer of non-woven fabric called ‘bu-jeek-po’ inside. This layer helps keep the moisture wrapped around your foot. You put your foot into the fabric sock inside the plastic sock before pouring in the peeling liquid.



I was wondering how to open the peeling liquid when I noticed a notch at the toe. Cute and functional design always gets bonus points in my book! I remember trying a foot mask by Innisfree and it was basically like their face masks only for feet (it wasn’t a peeling mask). It also came as a plastic sock only I didn’t have to go through the trouble of pouring stuff in, I just had to pull them on. So I was wondering why Tonymoly hadn’t bothered to make it as convenient until I poured in the peeling liquid. For the record, there was a lot of liquid to pour inside the sock.


There’s two strips of plastic at the top so you can tie up the opening and a sticker at the top of the sock so you can secure the extra ‘fabric’ to fit around your foot. I highly recommend that  you do this before watching a movie because it basically feels like you’re standing in a puddle. It’s possible to walk around carefully with these on, but there’s enough liquid to make you feel nervous about it.


I set the timer to an hour and a half and added a memo to the foot cream. The back of the box said that the peeling would start in 4~6 days, but much to my dismay on the 6th day I still wasn’t seeing any peeling. I was rather annoyed because I had paid 9,000 won (~$8) for this foot peel and thought about putting in a complaint to Tonymoly. I’m glad I didn’t though because the very next day my feet started peeling like nobody’s business. If you really want to see a photo of the peeling click here, but be warned that it’s not a pretty sight. You can see a layer coming off and the new skin waiting underneath. I strongly advise you to wear socks when your feet begin to peel, because otherwise you’ll have dead skin everywhere.

Your turn ♥ Have you ever tried a foot peel? How do you usually care for your feet?

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  • Sounds like it was pretty effective! I should try a foot peel, playing sports/running/those types of things have basically ruined my feet, haha. This seems like a nice product, though; you do really great product reviews!

    • Kim

      Thanks Kathryn :D My heels and the bottom of my toes are almost all peeled now and I’m thrilled to see soft pink skin again! You should definitely try it!

  • My feet are such a mess- I would really consider trying something like this! It’s so funny that you said it was like standing in a puddle- imagine going to have to answer the door while wearing these :P

    Rachel xx

    • Kim

      lol it really did feel like I was wading in a puddle whenever I walked somewhere while I had those on! I would definitely save these for a day you’re not expecting company or delivery lol!

  • Hahaha, super peeling liquid foot peel makes me laugh! I shudder a bit at the peeling foot (curiosity gets the better of me), but my feet kinda look like that if I don’t put lotion on them just ’cause my skin is so dry.

    I just use a moisturizing scrub, then slather a body butter all over my feet. I don’t like feet…. they’re kinda gross if I think about it too much haha, even though it doesn’t really make sense when everyone has feet!

    becky ♡ star violet

    • Kim

      The peeling is a little gross to see, but the skin underneath is so clean that it’s totally worth it!
      I’ve tried a scrub but I think my feet were past the point scrubs so I had to pull out the big guns :P

  • I really need something like that, my feet are super dry and I have a lot of dead skin, I think wearing flip-flops all summer caused that. I try using a pumice sometimes but it’s not super efficient for very dry heels.


    • Kim

      I had the same problem after wearing flip-flops during the summer and didn’t have much luck with a pumice. The foot peel takes a long time but it’s working really well! :D

  • omg omg these are exactly what i want to try!!! awesome review, i can’t wait to get my hands on some especially now that it’s winter :)


    • Kim

      The bottom of my feet are completely peeled now and the tops of my toes are starting to peel! It just takes a looong time to get started and a looong time to peel so brace yourself :P

  • Ah great review! I definitely would be up for trying these out now.

    xx katie // a touch of teal

    • Kim

      It’s a perfect way to pamper your feet, even though the process might not be so pretty ;)

  • I really love this review, and your foot post!!! Haha, though I was wondering should I click to see what’s next, but ain’t that a satisfying feeling and picture?!!!!
    Just wondering would they peel so much that involve in allergy or anything????

    x Tiff

    • Kim

      Hehe thanks Tiff! I didn’t notice any allergy symptoms during the peeling as they were no itchiness. I actually didn’t realize it had begun to peel until I saw white skin everywhere on my floor. Gross! Once the skin is all done peeling it looks healthy and new so I’m pretty happy with the final results :D