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2017 February Favorites

Somehow, I’ve managed to push of this post till near the end of March, but better late than never!

#1. Calligraphy Exhibit – There was a wonderful calligraphy exhibit by some of my friends at the Samwon Paper Gallery in Seoul. They had six walls covered with all sorts of amazing lettering in a wide variety of scripts. I think it’s pretty amazing how so many people have honed their calligraphy skills over the years and participated in an exhibit.

#2. Magazine clippings – I usually shy away from using magazine clippings in my traveler’s notebook, because the glossy paper tends to get wrinkly with glue. Double sided tape is an option, but for whatever reason the glossy paper look just looked out of place. Then I realized I do have some magazines that use matte paper such as the Korean travel magazine Around, or the British travel magazine Cereal. I love that I can even choose to write on top of these spreads since the paper is matte so the ink doesn’t smudge.

#3. Graffiti poster – The Great Graffiti Exhibit was in Seoul, and I was pretty impressed by the wide variety of art forms and mediums that world famous graffiti artists were using. Some of them used drip paint on a wall that was at least 2 stories high, others used intricate mazes of geometric lines. My favorite was by @johnperello and I was pretty happy to get a poster of his work. It’s now hanging right over my workspace and I love the color, movement, and energy it contains!

#4. Cozy robe – It was still pretty chilly during February, so when I was home I liked to snuggle up in this cozy robe. I got a couple of years back because I loved how soft it was and how the big hood had ears! Plus it had pockets. Bonus points right there!

#5. Chicken & Beer – How do Koreans spend their TGIF? With chicken and beer of course! They even have a word for it: Chi-Mek! It stands for Chicken & Mek-ju (beer). I used to hate the taste of beer when I was younger, but these days I don’t mind the taste at all. For me, both coffee and beer were an acquired taste.

#6. Cafe vibes – Whenever I feel like I’m stuck in a rut, I can count on a creativity boost by going to a cafe. I think it’s just the energy of people the people around you. I wouldn’t say it’s the coffee because I make both drip and lattes at home, but it’s never quite the same. So every now and then I like to take my work to a cafe and just focus on creativity.

Your Turn ♥ What have you been excited about lately?


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