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2017 June Favorites

When finals week ended, June became a much more happier month for me. No more studying, no more writing papers, and no more due dates! All I had ahead of me was an enjoyable summer just waiting for me to fill it with exciting adventures.

#1. Travel Planning – The idea of traveling somewhere is almost as exciting as the traveling itself. Before you actually arrive at your destination you’re free to choose to go wherever you’d like, so long as you’re not trapped in the clutches of a travel agency. I like to browse through several different travel books and travel blogs as each person seems to have a different view on different places. It all depends on their interests and what they place value on. Also, different books tend to have different photos of a place or sometimes leave out photos altogether. So referring to a few different books and blogs can make a difference!

#2. Tumbler – I had my doubts on whether I would remember or bother to carry a tumbler with me wherever I went, but it has surprisingly stuck fairly well. I picked up this tumbler to be more eco-friendly and I like that I’m doing my small bit to save the planet. Plus, some of the bigger chains offer a small discount when you bring in your own cup so that’s always a plus!

#3. Card Sleeves – Scrapbooking is good and all, but sometimes you just need some card sleeves to feature your keepsakes without the hassle of decorating and taping. I decided to slip some ink boxes in the sleeves because the design was just too pretty to throw out. I’m always looking for ways to personalize my traveler’s notebook, and I love the way this turned out.

#4. Paul Basset – I’m not a huge fan of the Paul Basset Americano, but their lattes are really good! Though some people scoff at large coffee chains and opt for independent stores, I don’t mind the consistent quality and lovely decor. This particular location is in the Kyobo bookcentre in Gangnam, Seoul and I love the brick wall and the laid back atmosphere. One of my favorite places to be on a summer night.

#5. Manga Cafe – Just when I thought that manga and dvd rentals were a thing of the past, they rolled out a chain of manga cafes. Inside the cozy attic-like mini-rooms, you can curl up with a blanket and your favorite manga series while sipping a latte. The only downside is that you’re required to choose how many hours you’ll stay up front, and it costs between $2~3 an hour depending on the number of hours you stay. I haven’t quite made up my mind on whether this is expensive of worth it, because it’s a unique place to chill but considering you can stay however you’d like at a cafe at the price of your drink it’s not the most economic place to be. On the upside, it’s pretty peaceful and quiet at the manga cafe where as the regular cafes are usually loud with all the chatter.

#6. DIY Stamps – I saw this stamp design on Instagram, and when I found out that it was from ages ago and the manufacturer had closed down I had a sinking feeling inside. After contemplating getting it custom made, I decided I would try my hand at making it myself. The sketch turned out a little different from the original as I didn’t feel like copying it directly, but overall I was happy with how the sketch turned out. Of course, being completely new at carving out stamps, I ended up scratching out the idea of adding letters altogether. That’ll probably require a lot more practice, especially at that size!

Your Turn ♥ What are your plans for this summer? Do you have any hobbies you’d like to catch up on?

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