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2018 February Favorites

February has been a really fun month for me because of all the new things I got to try! As much as it feels safe and warm inside my comfort zone, I decided to venture out to experience new things in Seoul before I move to the States in July. I was also in Chicago for a day before flying back home to Korea from my trip to Indiana, so it was exciting to wander about a new city!

#1. Blue Moon Belgian White – When I was in my early 20s I couldn’t understand why anyone would like, let alone enjoy the taste of beer. It took some time for beer to grow on me, but now I fairly enjoy a beer every now and then. Some have been better than others, and this Blue Moon Belgian White that my friend Elaine introduced me to was right up my alley.

#2. Madewell Lorimer Mini – I found this adorable mini backpack when I wandered into the Madewell store in Chicago, and instantly fell in love with it!  Made out of Italian leather and vegetable tanned into a beautiful English Saddle color, it’s the perfect size to carry around my traveler’s journal and accessories! I kind of want to go back to pick up the one in black. Especially since they also have a student discount!

#3. Paul Basset – Paul Basset cafes in Seoul always have modern yet cozy interiors that are so inviting that one couldn’t possibly resist spending a few hours there! As much as I love going to cafes with my friends, sometimes I go on my own to catch up on some writing or to cram for an exam. Tip: get a latte rather than an americano.

#4. Green Tea Ice-cream & Strawberries – My family went to the VIPS buffet to celebrate my dad’s birthday and for dessert they had green tea ice-cream and strawberries on the side! Can I just tell you what a win-win combination this is?

#5. Zapangi – This is probably the coolest entrance to a cafe, ever! Zapangi means vending machine in Korean, and this adorable pink vending machine is actually the door to a cafe! They have the cutest baked goods, and milk tea in bottles with corked lids! If you’re going to visit Hongdae, then it’s worth taking an extra stop to Mang-won-dong to have some fun!

#6. Costco Salmon Sashimi – I love my salmon fresh, and I love it thick and glossy. The only problem is that most sushi houses will charge an arm and a leg for a plate of quality sashimi. Enter Costco. Who knew warehouses could do a perfect sashimi?! Can you see how thick those slices are? I was in heaven!!

#7. Chic-hae –  If you want to try a traditional drink while you’re in Korea, but not in the mood for alcohol, then try this sweet rice drink! You can find it at grocery stores or at jjim-jil-bangs (low-temperature sauna that you see in K-dramas).

#8. Reese’s Peanut Butter Heart – My trip to Indiana ended a week before Valentine’s day, so my fiancé gave me some chocolate before I left! He picked a Reese’s Peanut Butter Heart because of how it all began, so it felt extra near and dear to my heart.

#9. Yves Trajans Online Course – I finally finished my correspondence Italics course, and my teacher suggested that we resume in the fall after I get married and move in with Drew. In the mean time, I am taking a 6 week intensive Roman Capitals course online. It has been a fantastic experience so far and I was blown away by the amount of time and effort that Yves put into making this class.

Your Turn ♥ What has been your favorite thing about February? Have you tried anything new as of late?

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