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Almonds and Walnuts

In finding healthier foods for my dog, I started finding healthier foods for myself. It’s not easy to suddenly switch from an unhealthy diet to a healthy one, so I’ve been implementing small things at a time. Almonds and walnuts seem to be a good place to start. One of the things I like about nuts is that they don’t really require a lot of preparation. They’re also known to have “good” fats and lower cholesterol.

After reading a bit more about how many nuts one should eat per day, I found that the serving size for nuts is 1 oz per day. That’s about 23-25 almonds or 1 walnut (in a nutshell). While I don’t mind eating nuts I don’t necessarily crave them either, so I decided to try eating 10 almonds and half a walnut a day. You can buy a pack of walnuts shelled at the grocery store so you don’t need a nutcracker. Less gadgets means less kitchen clutter, right?

I’ve found the best place to put the nuts is right next to the computer. I’m more likely to keep reaching for the nuts rather than getting up to grab chips or candy. Counting them out into a small plate will keep you from eating too many. Moderation is key!

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