4 In Dog

Cedar River Park and the Perfect Shot

Since Kip didn’t get to run much at the park next to Lake Washington, and because he cried through the entire car ride, I gave in and took him to a dog park near home. We hadn’t actually went to this off-leash area before.  Mainly because I had heard that it was muddy and wasn’t rated that high. We found that the far end had a little bit of brush but the entire place had so many rocks on the floor that I was worried about Kip running on the field.  I don’t believe I’ll take him there again. I would rather not have him ruin his paws by running on rocks at full speed.


This little dog jumped over the fence FIVE times while I was there to witness it. He jumped over the fence and ran off and the owner had to go running after him. How big was he? He was just about the same height as Kip (Maybe he’s a she….if so, I’m sorry. You look like a handsome boy pup).


This picture! Oh can I explain with words on how wonderful this picture is? It’s one of those rare shots that you only get once or twice in a lifetime (unless you’re a pro). They just look the same!  They’re bodies are walking in the same posture, same legs forward at the same time. I thought it was hilarious. It’s too bad that the photo itself was overexposed and I had to digitally fix it to actually look somewhat presentable. I’ll have to go back and see if I can fix the original large file and get it printed.



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