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Cherry Blossoms Sokchon Lake


Cherry blossoms came early this year. Not by a couple of days, but by a couple of weeks! Instead of going back to Yeouido Park, I headed over to Sokchon Lake. It’s interesting to look back at the¬†cherry blossom photos I took in the previous years. Each year I seem to capture and edit the cherry blossoms in different ways; in different shades of colors.

It was nice to walk under a canopy of cherry blossoms, leaving all thoughts of the world behind.


They say no snowflake is alike. I wonder if cherry blossoms are that way too. They do feel like the “snow” of spring at times; the way they fall in a flurry when the wind blows.


There were dog houses afloat on Sukchon Lake! Perhaps it’s for the ducks that live around the lake. In any case, it was interesting to see something that resembles a dog house on the water.

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