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Getting Your Sick Dog To Eat

The Idea

For a week, Kip didn’t want to touch his kibble. I tried mixing a little bit of canned food in with his kibble. He took it in his mouth, licked off the coating and spit the kibble back out. My fault for not teaching him any table manners.  I tried the same thing with peanut butter with the same results.  After eight days of seeing Kip hardly eating anything but his treats (that I hid his medication in) I was at my wit’s end.  Yesterday I finally had a breakthrough! When I’m sick I don’t like to eat solid foods like sandwiches or pasta. You could put a grand master chef’s masterpiece in front of my sick stomach and I won’t eat a bite (well…maybe I’d taste it. But anyway!).  When I’m sick I like to eat things like chicken noodle soup or oatmeal/gruel. Since Kip didn’t have to seem any problem eating his soft chewy treats and Missing Link powder supplement, I decided to try to make his kibble somewhat more easily approachable.  Introducing the Kibble-Smoothie:

The Ingredients

  • Kibble – 1 serving. Kip get’s half a cup in the morning and half a cup at dinner time so I put in half a cup. Make sure you’re going by the amount written on the bag. Different kibble’s have different serving sizes!
  • Supplement (optional) – I would advise putting it in only if your dog likes the taste and your vet doesn’t object.
  • Peanut Butter – I put in a big scoop (with a teaspoon) of peanut butter because Kip loves it.  Tip: save the spoon to scrape out the smoothie from the blender at the end.
  • Ice – It’s a smoothie after all, and we all like to get more water into our dogs!
  • Water – Start with half a cup and add more as needed
  • Blender


The Process

Put everything in a blender and start with the Ice Crush button to get the ice and kibble into smaller bits. Then switch to a smoothie option and blend for a few seconds. Check if you need to add more water and blend until it’s smooth.

I was happy and relieved to see that Kip eagerly ate the entire cup.  I felt bad because I probably should have realized this sooner!

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