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Korean Style Fried Chicken


The possibilities with Korean fried chicken is endless. In fact, you could probably go on a fried chicken tour in Korea as there are so many different flavors.

I tried a new chicken place called Jackson Chicken in my neighborhood and out of the two flavors I tried, the Jackson Deli Garlic was the best. The plain Jackson Deli was a sweet caramelized flavor that wasn’t bad but nothing special, where as the Jackson Deli Garlic was peppered with bits of garlic chips. Combined with cajun fries it made for a yummy meal! Next time I’ll skip the Jackson Deli altogether and get straight up Jackson Deli Garlic.

The proper way to eat Korean fried chicken is of course Chi-Meck, which stands for Chicken-Meck-ju. Can you guess what that means? It’s chicken and beer and it’s so popular that Chi-Meck has become a regular part of the Korean vocabulary.

Your turn ♥ What’s your favorite type of fried chicken? Bone or boneless?

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