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Lifestyle: Cereal (Travel & Style Magazine)


What do you do when wanderlust runs rampant, but you can’t drop everything and hop on the plane? You travel through the experiences of others! Cereal is a beautiful travel and style magazine that I have been lusting over since I spotted the first volume in the bookstore. What I should have done was to start collecting them right there and then, but I hesitated at the price (foreign publications are expensive in Korea due to shipping costs) and let the opportunity pass me by. Fortunately for me, Cereal is now being republished in Korea in Korean. This gives me the chance to collect the earlier volumes at a lower price, but who am I fooling? While I don’t have any difficulty reading the Korean version of Cereal, English is my heart language. Nothing can replace the beauty of the original writing; translations taste different. So I went up Seoul to visit the Kyobo bookcentre and picked up the English version of the most recent volume. If the price seems a bit high for a magazine, consider this: Cereal is only published biannually and the quality is top-notch. The photos are breathtaking and the writing is exceptional. The design is absolutely wonderful; from the typography and layout to the quality of the paper, everything about this magazine is beautiful.





There are numerous publications regarding travel, but I often find that they are busy giving out practical information for popular destinations. Cereal on the other hand, gives you a breath of fresh air. At first you are drawn into the spectacular views of scenic locations, but soon discover a world encompassing architecture, culture, and lifestyle. It neither neglects the big picture or the small details that make life and travel so wonderful. So after a long day of work and study, I savor the world from the comfort of my bed with a copy of Cereal. How do you quench your wanderlust?

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