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London: The Shard


The Shard is possibly the best place to spend your last evening in London. From the Shard you can see most of the iconic buildings and monuments, so it’s a very special way to wrap up your trip!



In Europe the days are long during the summers, so it was still felt really early even at 8:30 pm; it was like having a warm extended afternoon.


There were people sitting next to the glass panes with their friends and loved ones. This was the first time I’d been at an observation deck where people could sit down on the floor and relax as they enjoyed the views. At the Empire State Building, the Space Needle, the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, the Taipei 101 Tower, and the 63 Building you’re basically walking around observation deck; even when there are seats available in the form of a chair or a bench. So the Shard had this unique intimate space that I absolutely loved.




I didn’t get a particularly beautiful sunset but I couldn’t have cared less as the city sprung to life as the sun went down. I was enchanted by all the city lights around the iconic buildings I had visited and could actually name. There’s something wonderful about seeing a view where you actually recognize the buildings.


From St. Paul’s Cathedral to the London Eye with the Thames river flowing between. You can also see Westminster and Big Ben from the Shard, but my lens wasn’t wide enough to capture them all together in a single shot. The reflection of the bridges were a beautiful glowing orange lighting up the Thames like candle light. The London nightscape is probably the closest you can get to a starry night sky aside from the actual sky.  It is somehow different from all the others. Perhaps it’s the carefully curated skyline that makes it feel so different. Perhaps it’s the height of the Shard. Whatever it was, it felt different. It was simply breathtaking and I couldn’t get enough of it.


On the other side was Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. The peculiar helmet shaped city hall was clearly visible as well. Seeing the sparkly lights outlining the curves of the Thames was enchanting. Can you tell I am absolutely in love with London? Every girl seems to love Paris, but it was London that swept my heart away. I wish now that I had gone up the London Eye at night too, just so I could compare the experience. I’m certain though that the Shard had been the right choice. As I got to see the sweeping view of the river and all the beautiful buildings around it! So what do you think? Paris or London?

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