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The Bark Magazine

It’s almost impossible to live without some sort of internet connection these days. Whether it’s through the computer or through your phone. So when it gets around bed time I usually have to peel myself away from the computer and force myself to do things away from all that electronic light. It’s one of the main reasons people have problems sleeping these days.

Sometimes I like to indulge in a good novel but other times I like to flip through a magazine. Lately I find myself reaching for ‘The Bark’ magazine.  It’s known as the dog version of the New Yorker. While this magazine isn’t published monthly and isn’t very thick in size, its full of rich content.

I like that it doesn’t have the usual ‘dog breed introductions’ that some of the other dog magazines tend to have. After all, the only people looking for a rough introduction for different types of breeds are people who are looking to get a dog. For people who already have a dog, we want deeper details on the breed of the dog we own, or we want more informative articles on dogs in general.

What I appreciate about the Bark is that it will cover a variety of different subjects by a lot of different people. It has articles by well-known behaviorists as well as essays and useful tips.



The pictures and illustrations are full of color and some are really artistic!


This month they had an interesting DIY section on making dog silhouettes too. I doubt I’ll be able to make something as good as that, but I think it’ll be fun to try in my spare time.

I only wish that the Bark had an issue every month instead of one every 2-3 months!

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