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Venice: Venetian Masks


When wandering about Venice, you’re bound to see some of the most beautiful masks in the world. They sit in shop windows and deck the walls in all their splendid glory. They are made for the Carnival of Venice, which originated as a celebratory festival back in the year of 1162.




Some of them were completely decked out in glitter and jewels that they were positively dazzling. It added a unique flavor to the vendors I came upon in the alleyways of Venice. I thought about getting one but then realized it would be impossible to fit in my luggage so I settled on a miniature. The whole time I had the Masquerade song from The Phantom of the Opera stuck in my head.

Your turn ♥ Which one is your favorite mask? How would you decorate your own mask if you had a chance to make your own?

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