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London: Les Miserables


I was thrilled to see Les Misérables while I was in London this past summer. I simply love going to see musicals and would go more often if it weren’t for the prices!

Musicals that have been adapted into film are a comfort, but there is something about seeing a live performance that will always be different from watching a movie. Besides the fact that different actors will add different tastes and nuances, the limited stage area invites a wealth of creativity when it comes to the set and expressing ideas. I thought the way they used a turntable to show the passing of time as well as traveling was rather brilliant!


One more reason to choose Les Misérables out of the many musical choices in London!



I bought my ticket a week before I traveled to London so there weren’t very many seating choices left. If you are planning to go see Les Misérables at the Queen’s Theatre in London, I recommend splurging for a seat in the front half of the stalls on the first floor. I was in the upper circle in line D and was able to see some “behind the scenes” action during the performance. For example, I saw some of the actors changing costume and the lighting equipment during the barricade scene. These aren’t huge drawbacks, but I prefer to see behinds the scenes after having seen the magic happen on stage. Besides, you don’t get to see a musical everyday and the performance at the Queen’s Theatre was excellent!  Which musical would you like to see in London?

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