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A Dog’s Facial Expressions

This is Kip when he’s bored. His ears are normally up and pointed like this.

This is Kip when he’s surprised that a toddler poked him with a stick. Look how wide his eyes are!

This is Kip when he doesn’t approve but he’s being polite about it.

This is Kip when he’s really concerned about this toddler that keeps trying to stick stuff up his nose.

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  • that is so funny! when my dogs have the same body language, it means totally different things! the first pic would be ‘alert’, when they are bored they lay on their bellies with their heads on their paws, with sad puppy dog eyes. The one where the boy is letting kip smell his hand, that would be yuki’s and rocket’s curiosity yet uncertain, but the last pic with the boy would definately be ‘okay too close’, lol.

    • Kim

      It’s hard to imagine Yuki and Rocket ever getting bored since they have each other enjoy getting into mischief:P Kip does have an alert look that’s really similar to the first photo but his neck/face is a bit more straightened up and his eyes are definitely wider/rounder. I was surprised to see that Kip didn’t just get up and run away from the little boy but he was very gentle with all 3 kids that approached him that day and it was warming to see it!